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11/15/2018 c24 20tasteoftheforbidden
"What have you done to me, Granger?"

"Nothing," she stammered. "I've done nothing."

"Exactly," he whispered back, his despair so sharp and poignant that it was practically tangible. "You've done nothing, and that's what's really and truly terrible about all this. You're exactly who you used to be, and I'm exactly who I used to be, and yet here we are. Here I am, wanting you for no reason at all."

THIS MADE ME FUCKING LOSE IT. This exchange was gold. I just can't.
11/14/2018 c24 Niensel
Loved it. Thanks for sharing!
11/12/2018 c24 9shadowdemontenma
why is there not a sequel for this *literally crying right now* or at least a couple of drabbles of their lives after this moment? I want to read about how rons face turned purple. how he broke the news to his parents. I loved this so much. you are amazing
11/10/2018 c11 Guest
You really don't have to feel bad about changing her past! I think that we could say this maybe happened to her because we never really saw Hermione's past or what she did when she was alone as where we mostly saw her she was with Harry and Ron. What happened in all those fights she had with Ron? I mean she could have tried to kill herself and never told anyone, she may or may not have a brother who died from a terrible sickness, all of these things could have happened to her and we really don't know much about her if you think of it. All we knew was Harry this and Harry that. Not really much attention was paid to neither Ron or Hermione. But even less was paid to Hermione, as we saw Ron in the dormitories and everywhere Harry went but Hermione wasn't always with them. Who on Earth knew what she was doing when she was alone? So I truly find no reason for you to feel sorry about changing the story up a bit
11/3/2018 c24 diamondnightskies
Great ending! I will just imagine a HEA...once they've gotten past a lot of inevitable turbulence.
11/3/2018 c23 diamondnightskies
That chapter was beautiful. My heart broke for them. On to the ending, which I will be sad to see come. I've enjoyed this story very much.
10/24/2018 c14 5Slytherclaw101
What are you talking about my friend?
Draco Malfoy is the most handsome guy ever!
but anway... Lovely story so far :)
10/17/2018 c24 Indigo2004
Now that was a ride! Filled with angst, romance, fluff- it had everything! Thanks so much for a beautiful journey~
10/17/2018 c15 Indigo2004
Simply put I liked it
10/9/2018 c24 Guest
I love love love this story
10/4/2018 c2 1Liljenvar
I absolutely loved the chapter, the way you portrayed Malfoys and Grangers emotions and casually weaved in things like Draco's skill in Potion making (he is on N.E.W.T level !) And of course Snape's remarks were just simply gorgeous and accurate!
I could picture the scene in my head in all detail!
Already looking forward to reading the rest of your Story ;;
10/1/2018 c24 35NarrativeOwl
-cries in Spanish-
9/23/2018 c24 mglblood
Now that's what I am talking about ! But what about Draco's parents? I read a story awhile back about the opposition that Draco and Hermione felt from their families and friends. It lasted for 3 years. They were due to go on holiday(vacation). Instead they left, sold their flat, moved all their money to Switzerland, and moved to America (New York). 6 years later they decided it might be time to moved back home. This seems like an alternate ending to what they may have to go thru in the end.
9/23/2018 c23 mglblood
This chapter just makes me cry... the hopelessness of love that isn't possible.
9/23/2018 c15 mglblood
OMG they were so damn predictable.
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