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7/8/2005 c10 brittney
this is really good! please continue ASAP! :D
7/8/2005 c10 krirobe
I love the story! It's so well-written and the dialogue is so enthralling I'm at the edge of my seat evey time they start talking. So are their moments of solitude. Reveals so much about them. Update soon! Looking forward to it! The angst is awesome, btw, don't doubt yourself on that.
7/8/2005 c10 lorett
Hey, Katie...for some reason, my review didn't log in under my author name. It's weird, because it had my author name up at the top...

Ah well, anyway, I believe I signed it at the bottom, if I didn't, the long, rambly is from me.

7/8/2005 c10 Guest
Well, Katie!

First thing I have to say is; here's looking at you, kid! (tipping hat low)

I'm thinking I agree with you about the beginning of a WONFERFUL FRIENDSHIP...And THANK YOU for the compliment. As a matter of fact, I do write too. Someday, when you have the time, pop on over to my profile page and link over to my story at AFF. (I have two actually, but one is just a lemony, fun one. My baby, THE THREE KEYS was deleted from here months ago, but that's another story for another time.) I always appreciate the reviews from talented writers such as yourself, as well.

Anyway, back to you!

Now, I'm going to say I'm getting VERY SPOILED, VERY QUICKLY with these daily updates...AND, not only are you updating daily, you're updating with substantial, meaty plot. OY! I'm in heaven!

Once again, there were a few passages that I had to point out to you that I simply adored. I'm guessing that you being an English student, might like to hear what lines affected me as a reader more than others. (I surely know I do when I get reviews for my stories.)

So, as before, here are the ones that made me grin and chuckle:

'Despite the fact that they were obviously alone, Hermione led him to a distant and secluded corner. When they reached it, her sense of comfort and peacefulness told him that this tiny table was her sanctuary, her personal space, probably the only one she had. He had seen the way the Gryffindors lived: always loud, always invading each other’s space, always hugging and touching and talking and never alone. No wonder they were all mad as hatters; all that togetherness would be enough to drive anyone completely insane.'

The 'mad as hatters' is what did me in. LOVED THAT! This was such a typically Draco thought that I was nodding and agreeing with him. I could very much see Draco, even though I think he likes being the center of attention most of the time, still needing to have his quiet space, a place where the recluse in him can have its moments to unwind and regroup.

And here, I really liked how you equated Hermione's anger boiling up within her. Very well put, just a great line:

'He was just beginning to feel pleased with himself for getting through to her, for making her see his side of things, when an alarming anger flared up inside her like a fire doused in gasoline and vodka.'

Oh, but this, Katie...THIS was marvelous. I think you channeled Hermione perfectly here:

'“You think that just because you don’t want to go about slaughtering innocent people, that makes you noble and righteous? Guess what? Being a prejudiced, small-minded, elitist prick is just fractionally better than being a prejudiced, small-minded, elitist murderer! So before you start spouting off all your fine, upstanding ideals again, you might consider that maybe it isn’t killing the people you hate that makes a person evil; maybe it’s hating them in the first place.”'

I was grinning and rooting for Hermione saying, 'YOU TELL HIM, GIRL! THE SELF-CENTERED, SELF-RIGHTEOUS, LITTLE SNOT THAT HE IS!' (Sigh) God, I just ADORE Draco. He's just so blissfully unaware of his blinding narrow-mindedness.

And, I agree too with what you said to another reviewer about Hermione and Draco having to fight to find love with each other.

It's a matter of falling in love DESPITE themselves and battling beyond the inherent prejudices built up by Draco's upbringing and family traditions as well as the rivlary and prejudices that exist between the two houses of Gryffindor and Slytherin. Although, I think that Hermione is infinitely more forgiving than most writers give her credit for. Look at how wonderfully and valiantly she fights for what she believes in, no matter what anyone (even her dearest and closest friends) thinks. Hermione is her own woman. She's brilliant, confident, resolute and powerful and has absolute faith in her convictions. She's JUST what someone like Draco needs to bring out all of the amazing strengths that he has in him. So, if Hermione chooses to forgive Draco and accept him and take him under her wing, well then, there's no end to his possibilities!

I am so looking forward to seeing how you craft this romance and friendship along. For I believe, especially with these two, they have to have a friendship before they can have anything more. They need a good, solid foundation to build upon and once that's established, then the sky's the limit.

Well, I TOLD YOU, I give long, rambly reviews. I guess you can see that now. (chuckle)

BTW, I'm sure a few of my group members will trickle on over here. We all LOVE to read each other's rec. fics. So, expect to hear from more of us.


7/7/2005 c10 Crystal
I love this story. For one the actual story itself is different from anything i think i've read. Second, your writing is just awesome. Keep it up!
7/7/2005 c10 Biannca
UPDATE! soon! please! i love this fic, its exceptional, please update soon! like yesterday soon, lol
7/7/2005 c10 11inkspire
ha, this'll be an interesting confrontation! great story, hurry and update! lol.
7/7/2005 c10 Katie
Pretty Good, loved Hermione violent finger jabbing. I can't wait untill you update.
7/7/2005 c10 10Slayergirl1362
7/7/2005 c10 3Steelo
I'm loving the story so far and I really want to see what happens to Hermione/Draco next!

7/7/2005 c10 3Le Britties
I really like this story. I mean *really* like it. It's got so much unspoken passion. Not just from the characters but from you, as well. I can really feel that you enjoy writing this story [save a few chapters]. You've probably had a bunch of years of writing expierence though. Didn't you say you're an english major? What college? I'm only a sophomore in high school right now and I'm more interested in music than I am in writing but I love writing. Music [like, band] only goes so far but writing...You can take that where ever you want. Writing is a passion for me, also, but I don't feel as if I'm expierence enough good as I could be. I've only felt really and truly proud of my writing once, in 8th grade. We had this big "Author's Fair" paper due [it was only for the 8th graders] and the story was supposed to be 9-10 pages. My rough draft alone was 50. I ended up winning Best in Class with it. What I'm trying to say is that you should be proud of this story. It's really great. It really is.

-Le Britties
7/7/2005 c10 4Primadramagrl
HOLY JEBUS! I love this story! Its really good! Its not like the other Hermione/Draco stories in which they get in a little fight and then make out lol! This one actually like has them still acting as Hermione and Draco. Hermione would feel all bad for him and Draco not wanting to be weak would throw it in her face and she would get pissed off then a huge fight would break out! And Malfoy's father is crazy! He is so scary in this story! MORE!
7/7/2005 c10 intcrimgrrl
This story keeps getting better and better. I had missed a few chapters over the last few days so I had several to read at once. I'm so glad you kept in Draco's memory of the murder of the muggle witch, because I think that's given Hermione valuable insight into Draco, and has ultimately led to what I think are the excellent arguments Hermione made at the end of Chapter 9, about prejudiced and hatred. Draco hates his father, and, while he may give lip service to the cause, in true teenage style, he thinks that because his way is better than his father's, he's got it all figured out. And I think it's good that Hermione knocks him on his ear about it. I'll be interested to see if he knocks her on *her* ear about something later on, when her self-righteousness isn't as warranted as it was in their last conversation. I'm looking forward to more!
7/7/2005 c10 16SCInfinity
Bravo! I have to say, this is a very original idea for a DHr, and I've read a few! Your imagery and desription of the feelings on both sides is vivid and brilliant, and keeps me on the edge of my seat each chapter. Keep it up, please! This story deserves to be read. And you, my friend, deserve a good round of applause.
7/7/2005 c10 curlyqntx
hahaha! that was sweet. i hate people who think they have to have the last word. post more
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