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6/26/2005 c5 HeraBates
Um.. I think you made a uploading error. Chapters 4&5 are the same. But since it's there I'll just say that I didn't mind that you created a brother for her (since his death made her an only child anyway). It was good seeing that Draco actually felt for her.
6/26/2005 c5 blackhope146
That's sad(you double updated a chapter. you 4 in twice) you're not as crazy as i am tough. i like to turn her into a half vampire. lol
6/26/2005 c5 2NostalgicSunday
This is an amazing story so far! I really enjoyed it. Keep on writin'

-Silver Dragon
6/26/2005 c5 1mysteriouscharm
that was so sad...

ok, update soon.
6/26/2005 c5 4Danish Pastry 28
um, chapter 4 and 5 are the same right now. You might have uploaded the wrong file. Just replace this chapter with the actual new one in the document manager section.

Upload the real chapter 5 soon

Love Danish


by the way don't be surprised if you don't get another review from me for your new chapter, because fan fiction will think that I have technically reviewed chapter five and won't let me review again
6/24/2005 c4 1KtotheT
aww that was sad but well written. i usually don't like the change of hermione's past but i think you made it work. i understand you had to do it for this story. good job!
6/23/2005 c4 25GalitMirav
Wow. This is the most human I've ever seen Malfoy. Keep up the good work.
6/22/2005 c4 4KnickKnackBlack
aww how cute! i love it plz hurry with the next chapter! this is an awesome chapter!
6/22/2005 c4 idntlikeurpants
Acctualy,I disagree. J.K. Rowling never really gives us a look on Hermione's home life,so it could be either horrible, and Hermione covers it up for other's sake(just like she does with her pain in the books)or it could be as perfect as most think. We don't know. But I still like this fic,and you've choosen a very different plot. Way 2 go!
6/22/2005 c4 paprika90
woah. that was soo good! XD

interesting point you have made at the ending and i totally agree with ya. though the thing with hermionie i didnt expect (actually, i didnt know what to expect) it was well described to a point that you kinda felt for the little girls greif. cool chapter-and fast update! cant wait till you update! ^_^
6/22/2005 c3 1mysteriouscharm
are you going to put up Draco seeing a painful memory of hermione's it only makes sense!

pleaz update asap!
6/22/2005 c4 157Smenzer
Hm... I think Draco might learn something from all this. I guess in a way it might be considered 'educational' even, although that might sound odd. But then I guess that is the whole point.

And its perfectly fine to switch viewpoints. I do it all the time in my long going fic "Penpals": I switch up and back between Luke and Vader; the chapter title saying whose viewpoint it is. With 2 characters it works quite well and it allows you to dive deeply into each one, hear their thoughts, their emotions, etc.

Looking forward to the next chapter .. AND the new story (presuming its HP that is). Although I write lots of SW fic I only seem to read HP ones...

Oh, wonderful setting details for the hospital scene!
6/22/2005 c4 4Danish Pastry 28
JK did once say that she had intended for Hermione to have a sister but that she never found the right place to bring her in and then decided to leave it, so it is fairly plausible that she could have a brother. Hermione wouldn't mention him if the memory was that painful. I'd be vary though, in case you do mention him again you should consider if Harry and Ron would know, after all it is bound to have come up at least once in 6/7 years.

Well written as always. Can't wait for the next chapter. Update soon please.

Love Danish

6/22/2005 c3 paprika90
O.O woah! thats intense! lol! didne expect to read that as the effects! very cool! cant wait till you update! ^_^
6/21/2005 c3 Danish Pastry 28
I love it ;-D It's good despite being cliche is the point I was trying to get across. I have no ideas at all at the moment, my muse is on holiday but when she is back I'll give you anything I come up with.

Great chapter though. Update soon Please!



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