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8/25/2017 c24 4SilverRiv
I know this was written ages ago, and before HBP came out, so it's not really canon-compatible all the time, but I really enjoyed it no matter what.

It started out quite light-hearted (for me at least, I have read way darker Dramione fics) and I wasn't too sure of what to expect, but the last few chapters suddenly became very emotional. I didn't quite expect it, they kind of snuck upon me (kinda like Draco's feelings did with him) and in the end I was in tears. Happy tears for them, of course, but nevertheless. I partly blame the melancholic music I was listening to, and partly my own break-up that is still way too fresh in my heart despite the months that have passed.

I'm really happy I got the chance to read your fic, it was very nicely written and it will definitely stay in my mind for quite some time. I like how you balanced Draco quite well, he didn't seem too ooc at any given point, not to me at least.
8/21/2017 c12 cateyerose
im crying so hard
8/17/2017 c24 31GeekMom13
wonderful. I loved the ending
8/17/2017 c23 GeekMom13
well I managed to avoid crying until this chapter.
8/17/2017 c22 GeekMom13
holy crap
8/17/2017 c21 GeekMom13
I almost forgot to review because I was so eager to get to the next chapter. These two are adorable
8/17/2017 c20 GeekMom13
oh Draco. grumpy little angst riddled teenager
8/17/2017 c19 GeekMom13
holy fuck that was. geez.
8/17/2017 c18 GeekMom13
8/17/2017 c17 GeekMom13
aww that memory sucked... (not like it was poorly written or didn't fit. just painful like the rest)
8/17/2017 c16 GeekMom13
I was convinced they would find it with like three journals left
8/17/2017 c15 GeekMom13
oh yes, they are adorable little teenagesrs
8/17/2017 c14 GeekMom13
Wonderfully done.
8/17/2017 c13 GeekMom13
It's strange to see pre-HBP Dramione now. It definitely impacted them a great deal, even the ones that take place before HBP. some things just can't be forgotten
8/17/2017 c12 GeekMom13
wonderful and painful and perfect
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