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for Where's the mother?

1/22/2009 c17 13alexceasar
Very interesting so far. I like the idea of Sydney and Sark going to join the SGC. Many possibilities here. Can't wait to find more.
10/3/2008 c17 5Bokormen
i like the way you have put the two worlds together... keep on writing!
8/2/2007 c17 6Shilara
I am holding my breath to find out what happens next!
8/2/2007 c17 52Maverick500
Excellent chapter. Will anyone else from Alias be in the story
8/2/2007 c17 1Purple-monkey-dishwasher8

Very cool although a little teeny weeny boring... but still good! Keep going!


8/1/2007 c17 1Black Rouge
good chapter, update soon!
8/1/2007 c17 lily94
I'm drawing a blank how did she loose her memory? When will she remember all of it? But it is an interesting story..
7/25/2007 c16 52Maverick500
Great chapter. You should my 24Alias crossover story it's called Into the breach. Again that was an excellent chapter
7/21/2007 c16 lily94
It has been so long since i read the story that i need refresher what are the girls names? Is sydney pregnant and does she have her memery back? Good to see you back.
7/20/2007 c16 6Shilara
Wow. I seriously cannot wait to see where this story is going, so keep it up. You are a wonderful writer, and the fact you included stargate makes it all the more fun! Nice Job!
7/19/2007 c16 1Black Rouge
Finally, thats all I have to say.
3/31/2007 c15 xavia
wow, WoW thats kind of all i can say i am stunned, your an amazing writer. Its really cool how you mixed stargate and alias. I love it how Syd is against Vaughn. =)

Good luck with school and PLEASE write more. =D
8/27/2006 c15 6CrazyLikeaFox
The last chapter was awesome. It's also really good that you have combined two of my favourite shows - Stargate SG1 and Alias - into one. ALso the whole Snarkey plot is a plus. Hope to see more chapters soon.
8/26/2006 c15 6Irina89
Nice you updated. And the Stargates cross-over is just well, lol. Please, Please, Please update. :)
8/26/2006 c15 1qblisa
Okay, I totally understand why you have not updated in a while. If I knew anyone who looked like David Anders I wouldn't want to be at my computer, that's for sure ;)

Now with the story... Other than Sydney confessing that she is the "She-Bitch" (which was funny, by the way), nothing much happened in this chapter. It was more like an introduction chapter to the Stargate and such. I realise these sort of chapters are a must for the story, but I would prefer a chapter with something exciting happening, Sark and Sydney's relationshio developing, or some issue being resolved. I hope something good happens next.

I know you are busy, but please, please, please update soon.

Lisa :)
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