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for Passing the Holidays

12/12/2014 c6 Zarak
11/3/2005 c6 4Trachy
lool.Don't take a spaz attack.I really love the story.It was way cool.
8/10/2005 c6 3myguitarisinmymind
I am the one formerly known as Trogdor the Burninater! I changed the name because I use iluvthecheat pretty much every where else, so people can find me more easily now. Also there's already a Trogdor the Burninator (which is the proper spelling). In case you didn't know, Trogdor is from w. homestarrunner .com

*squees* This fic always makes me smile. I added it to my C2 (Yet Another Outsiders Slash Archive), which is the biggest of the current three. It may not have all the Outsiders slash fics, but it definitely has most of them. *shameless plug* *glares at previous stars*

*glomps author*
7/24/2005 c6 7elsiefay
aww. That was so good! Very cute. I'm sorry it's over. Can't wait to read more from you :)
7/24/2005 c6 3CrazyAlchemistgrl017
Lol I loved the story! Are you going to write more? You should! Please! Its such a ood story please write more soon!
7/24/2005 c6 32Hahukum Konn
Woot! :) Nice fluffy chapter. :) I really like the way you've written how Dallas keeps being drawn to Tim even when he's with Sylvia.
7/12/2005 c5 Yeah
I love when this updates, it is like segments in time of fluff. I'm picturing cotton candy here. Keep it up.
7/11/2005 c5 7elsiefay
Yay! I love these. They're so cute. I'm something of an angst fan too, but I love these. They just make me smile. I keep trying to guess what holiday is next. Easter?
7/11/2005 c5 str234
Woah, I just realized I never submitted a review for this story. Sorry! I really like it, especially since Curly,Angela, and Alicia are in it. It's been great so far, and I hope you keep it up!
7/10/2005 c5 32Hahukum Konn
Yay, more fluff. That was so cute at the end. :)
7/2/2005 c4 7elsiefay
So so cute. I always hated that game where you say your name and two things that start with the same letter as it lol. Great chapter.
7/2/2005 c4 32Hahukum Konn
Woot. :) I like these snapshot chapters. :) And they kiss, how cute 'n all. :)
6/30/2005 c3 3taste of fire
yay! that was excellent! I don't have anything to say to give you advice, so yeah. Please update soon!
6/29/2005 c3 7elsiefay
"You've been hanging around that Horse kid too much." That's great. I'm still laughing. Very cute. Can't wait for V-day!
6/29/2005 c3 32Hahukum Konn
Woot. Good work :)
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