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for Curiousity Killed the Ballet Rat

6/27/2005 c1 19Gigi the Dancer

good writing

poor meg :(

the ballet girls are So cruel

i love it

6/27/2005 c1 2ante mortem
yay. I love EM pairings. Can't wait to see what happens...hm, the Phantom and Meg trapped in a bow together. Just think of what fun they could have.

Anyway, keep ging with they phic. You've got a good start.

6/26/2005 c1 lolomonster
hehe, awsome i have been wanting to read a Meg/Erik story. lovely i can't wait for an update
6/26/2005 c1 Dernhelm
I'm reading! Update! NOW. ;-;
6/26/2005 c1 artgem04
OMOG! *squee dance and much applause* please update!
6/26/2005 c1 11Kiwi Anime
Quite an interesting start to a fanfiction. However, I felt it was not the most impactful introduction. I'm not sure why, but I felt like you rushed TOO much to get it started. Other than that, I found a few gramatical mistakes, and that was about it. This looks like it could be promising, yet I wasn't blown away.
6/26/2005 c1 2brave little bard
Lovely start. Keep writing!
6/26/2005 c1 Siren26
-giggle- Would you believe that I actually forgot the names in Phantom of the Opera ... like Christine for example n.n

I like the style and the way it's written ... it just seems to flow ^^
6/26/2005 c1 16kidarock

such an evil cliffie.

please update soon!


6/26/2005 c1 Josh
I like it! Alot. You really do have a talent for writing. Very easy to picture, to understand.

I love you.

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