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12/26/2019 c6 5LH Wordsmith
Hello! I know this one has been discontinued but I would dearly love to see it continued! Your writing style is captivating and the plot is honestly ideal! I can’t wait to see how Jane handles the Rohirrim (Eomer is my favorite) and I’m very curious about the Aria-Legolas-Jane triangle that is happening. I’m usually not a fan of LegolasxOC because it’s usually poorly done (I never really liked Tauriel either) but I have to admit I’m intrigued! Do come back to this soon!
9/6/2018 c6 Guest
An original idea and a distinctive narrative voice. Very enjoyable.
8/8/2018 c6 Guest
This is truly a great story, and I really hope that you will find some time to keep writing it especially with so many unanswered questions! I especially love the fact that neither original character feels too cliché: while Aria is obviously a Mary Sue, she's not completely annoying, and I love the idea that she can "get better", while Jane is really someone you can relate too, and she manages to feel human in spite of the situation she's been put into.
9/13/2016 c6 madamezou
I've been re-reading this and I still love it as I did few years ago (which is something: most of the times when I look back at fics I loved many years ago I cringe so hard...).
So, I just thought I'd leave you a review and my thanks for writing it!

Of course, all the unresolved mysteries are killing me: who's the couple she saw in the mirror? Who's the "right person" for Aria to have a romance? Will Jane have a little bit of romance of her own? Most importantly, will Jane survive the three day long marathon across the plains of Rohan? Will Aria become an halfway decent character? Oh, and how is Aria Arwen's half-sister *and* Galadriel's niece? (Little bit of inconsistency there, but more than acceptable! especially since the premise is that Jane did write a Mary Sue character and logic tend to go out of the way when Mary Sues are involved)
12/31/2015 c6 Guest
Y u abandon this? Seven years, it's time to update!
6/25/2015 c1 Guest
This is the best story I have ever read! It is not a random sue basher and is amazing! Please contonue
1/30/2015 c6 2Bittersw33tCarousel
It's really a pity that you decided to give up with this story... I really hope that you change your mind :)
8/30/2014 c1 6Aki0Storyteller0
Without a doubt this is the oddest and yet most interesting story that I've ever come across. I like it.
1/9/2014 c6 6Ashi-Grey
So, I'm going to guess this won't be updated now, after so long, and I do understand. I've got fics that I haven't finished despite my best intentions. All the same, I wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed what of this you have written. I've never come across a fic like this, that so successfully pokes fun at Mary Sue's without dissolving into a pointless, plotless mess that is more Plot Sue than the Mary Sues the author is trying to ridicule. If you ever do get back to this, I'll be reading it!
3/23/2013 c6 21Yuki Suou
Pls write m0re...
2/16/2013 c6 6Freydris
This is interesting. Truthfully, I hadn't come across a fic like this, it's marvelously weaved, the main character is not overly perfect and her tales are realistic. It is well done and I sincerely hope you finish this story to the very end. It's something in which I wish I'll find out what's the ending.
3/2/2011 c6 3Periodic
What a fantastic story! Your characterizations are superb, as is your use of humour. I think my favourite part is still in Chapter one where Roger offers Jane a truffle. It was so very realistic and absurdly normal given the situation that I couldn’t help but laugh. In fact, there were several moments throughout your chapters where you had me laughing out loud.

I have to admit, Roger Morton is my favourite character of your story. The humour with which he is written appeals to me. I love that while he isn’t a physical presence in the majority of the chapters, he is still a reoccurring presence in thoughts, dialog, and Jane’s items.

As for Jane, I love that she is so undeniably human; vomiting, getting a tic, getting a headcold. I love that she is an ordinary woman, and I think that you perhaps picked her name as a metaphor for her ‘plain Jane’ contrast with Aria? At any rate Jane’s character is wonderfully refreshing.

It’s great how you are able to keep the reader interested while following the movie verse – sometimes I think authors get too caught up in following the movie, and it all becomes one big retelling. With Jane you get something new, and I’m curious to see how the plot develops. I’m also interested to see how the relationships between all the characters develop–especially, I suspect, the potential “love triangle”?

I know you haven’t updated in quite some time, but I hope the plot bunny comes back to you soon (not that I’m one to talk; I’m forever starting and leaving stories unfinished). However, I truly think that you have something great here, and I hope that you will consider continuing it again soon. Until then I’ll wait patiently for an update :)


12/30/2010 c6 8Graphospasm
LOVE this. You're basically redeeming 60% of all LotR OCs with this, and for that I-not to mention the rest of the fandom's writers and readers-am eternally grateful.
1/16/2010 c6 18Turtle Kid the Woolgatherer
I will not be surprised if Jane wants to die while running after Merry and Pippin.

I like this interesting concept.
11/16/2009 c6 Liliesshadow
its been a while but are u still willing to update?
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