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2/10/2007 c38 404 Invalid
Okay, what have you been smoking ... and can I have some? *grins*
8/5/2006 c37 4Micki Skye
Very nice work here. I just adore Lex and very nice to see him face his demons and redeem himself. He reminds me a little of Anakin Skywalker. Good job.
12/12/2005 c37 3Joseph Benjamin
Sounds like room for a sequel. Not the greatest sharpness to the ending. But a good way to end it never the less. HOpe to see more from you in the future.
12/4/2005 c35 1EtherealEternal
Ouch. What's happened to them? Are they alright? Please continue
11/21/2005 c34 EtherealEternal
Loved it!
11/1/2005 c8 3MadSpectre47
Joesph: Could you please be a bit more specific? What exactly is dragging? The length of the fic? I know it's a long one, heh. Or all of the plot twists? Plot twists are fun, especially to write. And if you mean the whole turning from one side to another...well, there is a reason I'm doing this. For Lex to fully exorcise his demons (or as fully as a Luthor can, who was raised by the Magnificant Bastard), he has to confront (there's that word again!) his dark side, and IMO, cross over, and then cross back, on his own volation. Clark helped him in chapter 1, had he not done that, would Lex have turned good? No. So, since it wasn't his's not as convincing a turn. See Luke Skywalker in ROTJ, he did turn evil for a split second, when he sliced off his father's hand, but then, as he saw his own mechanical hand, he realized exactly what he was becoming. I think you'll see Lex coming to that realization in the next chapter. I hope this explains the twist better. *smiles* Thanks for reviewing so much, it makes me feel better!
11/1/2005 c29 3Joseph Benjamin
Nice twist. Although, I must admit, it's dragging a bit. In my opinion, you'd be better off to make this the last plot twist and end it well. But hey, you're the author, not me. Still loving it!
10/24/2005 c7 3MadSpectre47
Joseph Benjamin: The better side of Lex will slowly be emerging throughout the story. In the next four chapters, though, you will be seeing a new side of Lex, a side I hinted to before, but never truly showed in full force.

Jaxie: You are still a brat. *SCREAMS for chapter 2 :( *

Texaco Tex: Thanks for reading, Texie. I know John Schendier was in the Dukes. I did it to be cute.

Joseph Benjamin: I don't really think Clark needs to calm down, and I'll explain why: In his eyes, Jimmy betrayed him, and you know how Clark handles betrayal. Jimmy *stole* one of Clark's old Superman suits, and then flew into a situation where he knew he had a good likelihood of being seriously hurt. Plus, Superman lowered his morals by lying to the papers about Jimmy. And yes, everyone might've spent a little time thanking Jimmy and commending him, and I think they did, they said they were very grateful. But...on the other hand, he did something extremely dangerous, and he needs to know that. So that's why everyone blew up at Jimmy.

The Die Hard: Um...what exactly does the Vietnam War have to do with this story? And I *know* superpowers doesn't make the hero. I happen to think Lex is the real hero in this story, for his reformation. But thanks for reading.
10/24/2005 c27 28The Die Hard
I think one of the things you're aiming at here is the definition of a "hero." Superpowers don't make you a hero, but neither does commitment, without the ability to choose correctly. It's difficult to buy SV's Clark as Superman, because he makes such really stupid choices so often. And although all of them except maybe Bo Kent are too young to remember the Viet Nam war, they should have a certain perspective on the same kind of stupid war today, for which a song from that era is equally applicable. Pay attention, Jimmy. And Lois, and Lex, and Clark. /

The Marching Band came down along Main Street -

The Soldier Blues fell in behind -

I looked across and there I saw Billy -

Waiting to go and join the line -

And with her head upon his shoulder -

His young and lovely fianc� -

From where I stood I saw she was crying -

And through her tears I heard her say -


Billy, don't be a hero -

Don't be a fool with your life -

Billy, don't be a hero -

Come back and make me your wife -

And as he started to go -

She said, "Billy, keep your head low," -

Billy don't be a hero, come back to me.


The Soldier Blues were trapped on a hillside -

The battle raging all around -

The Sergeant cried, "We got to hang on boys, -

We got to hold this piece of ground, -

I need a volunteer to ride up, -

And bring us back some extra men." -

And Billy's hand was up in a moment -

Forgetting all the words she said -

She said, -


Billy don't be a hero -

Don't be a fool with your life -

Billy don't be a hero -

Come back and make me your wife -

And as he started to go -

She said, "Billy keep your head low," -

Billy don't be a hero, come back to me -

I heard his fianc� got a letter -

That told how Billy died that day -

The letter said that he was a hero -

She should be proud he died that way -

I heard she threw the letter away...
10/24/2005 c27 3Joseph Benjamin
One of the better chapters. Clark needs to calm down and it would have been nice for everyone to at least spend five seconds commending Jimmy for his selflessness, but I understand, based on the characters, why you wrote it the way you did.
10/22/2005 c27 Texaco Tex
Wow, can't wait for more of this! I like how you made Jonathan a Dukes of Hazzard fan, seeing as he was in that series. :) Love it, Tej! You must write MORE for us. ::drooling like a rabid dog::
10/22/2005 c17 Texaco Tex
Hey, Tej. I am finally getting around to finishing this story. I love it so far! It took me a while to figure out how far I'd read before (through chapter 15). Can't wait to finish!
10/22/2005 c27 404 Invalid
Sorry it's been awhile, but you know I love your stuff! *grins*
10/17/2005 c26 Joseph Benjamin
Nice new chapters. Love seeing the better side of Lex. Right in line with his character! Looking forward to more superman stuff.
10/12/2005 c6 3MadSpectre47
The reason there are so many 'chapters' for Integro is that, originally, it was all ONE chapter, but it clocked in at 94 pages, and I figured that you guys needed a reasonable amount of stuff to read, in one sitting. So I split them up into 10 page mini-chapters. My titles will ALWAYS have a meaning for the story, just so you know. And if you want a little hint at what is upcoming:

Chapter 17: Intercapedo

Chapter 18: Danger

Chapter 19: Force

Chapter 20: Power

Chapter 21: Betrayal

Chapter 22: Aftermath

Chapter 23: Reunion

Chapter 24: Answers

Chapter 25: Adligo

Chapter 26: Journey

Chapter 27: Pinnacle (final chapter in the saga)
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