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9/22/2005 c8 Ten-chan
Oi Yu-chan! *winey voice* write more now! It's one of those parts where you know the person's not gonna die but you can't help but want to see what happens anyway! Baita!
9/22/2005 c7 Ten-chan
KIS! I'm gonna go read the next chp.
9/22/2005 c6 Ten-chan
It's me again! I like chp. 6 getting to see Yugi act like an idiot is fun! Though she does remind me of you a lot even though you rarely dance around like an idiot:P
9/22/2005 c5 Ten-chan
Konnichi wa Yu-chan! I like the new duo description! but chp. 5 is really short ;P
9/20/2005 c8 1PepperEva
I love this! ON MY FAVS IT GOES! Please update soon! Jyaa ne!
9/2/2005 c8 2laughing-maniac-of-fire
I like dhow you made hiei act,it was different than normal.AND believe me after like thousands of storys of hiei being distant being close is good! Is yugi going to die?IS SHE! SHE CAN"T DIE! Hiei would kil you.
9/2/2005 c8 danceallnight
She should die, but u probably will let her live
9/1/2005 c8 1mysterious-black-dragon



oh that was cute and sad and cute and...sad...and...

well do i need to say it again?
8/26/2005 c7 RaieChibiKid
ZUO ZUO ZUO ZUO ZUO! YAY! You could make them almost kiss then Zuo can throw a water balloon at them and tick Hiei off. Or you could make them kiss and Mizumaru or Zuo could tease them about it! Update ASAP please!
8/25/2005 c7 3Jillian Jiggs
Cruse you! Hurry up and update!
8/25/2005 c7 3CryNeverWolf
8/25/2005 c7 2Theducksrcoming
this fanfic is fantastic! i like the whole coming out of the manga thing, needs more Kurama
8/25/2005 c7 Fluffy-sama
I curse the cliffie! CURSE IT! *calms down instantly* I like you! *hugs you with a silly grin* Please update Onee-chan!Or Nii-san!

Hiei: Hn...she's finally either broken a nerve or she's cracked...nope she cracked...Hn Baka Shoujo... Please update before she goes back to normal *shudders slightly* to much love!
8/24/2005 c7 5265742755
i think your rushing it a bit but oh wel. And do Kurama and Hiei know each other in this story?
8/24/2005 c7 1mysterious-black-dragon
wah! you cant stop it there!

*muse: well technically she can* ...shut up muse! oh yeah great chappie and update!
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