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for It came from the manga!

7/5/2005 c2 Dumb Kitty
It's really nice! I love it,but at the end of this chapter, Hiei seemed a bit out of character, but it was good!
7/5/2005 c2 akuavari
Hiei was so OOC just now. Oh well, I think its funny. And it's so fun to burn peoples hair! I did it to some idiot once. They scream in terror and pain.*sighs* music to my ears. Good Story!
7/4/2005 c2 YukiYuri
Lol.I love it!Can't wait for the next chapter!
7/3/2005 c2 13Meibou
aww, poor shrimpy hentai got hit over the head by his luva-to-be. too bad. haha. update!
7/3/2005 c2 Bishounen Obsessors
o.o Cool! ^.^ I like it. Personally, for me, it'd be Kurama who popped out of the manga.

Quick constructive criticism: Hiei's a little OOC. He needs to say "hn" more. And talk in complete sentences less. ^.^ Anyway, other than that, good story!
6/30/2005 c1 2stevenlu
So many bold words...but FUNNY!
6/30/2005 c1 Dumb Kitty
It was BAD! Heh... Jk... I loved it! It was really nice and fun! Update soon or I'll Hurt you... Ok... Maybe not... But if you don't, I'll be really sad! Ok then, Ja Ne!
6/29/2005 c1 10Icefire2
Hm, definitely one I haven't heard of before, different but very interesting. I hope to see how things work out.
6/29/2005 c1 akuavari
This isn't a flame, but you could use it to build up your fire. Anywhat-sits I can't wait for the next chapter! Hurry up,Onegai! Arigato! ^_^
6/29/2005 c1 coongirl
Lol.That's really good!I can't wait for the next chapter!
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