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1/11 c20 11ReaderOfDramione
1/11 c18 ReaderOfDramione
RainynDawn is awesome, I really do agree but so are you!
1/10 c14 ReaderOfDramione
oh sorry I just read the a/n, I see your point. sorry I was in the middle of the chappie
1/10 c14 ReaderOfDramione
umm, if they're so worried, cant they just do a temporary eye color change?
1/10 c11 ReaderOfDramione
hmmmmm, percy is sus, imperius maybe
1/8/2020 c39 heart.dramione
an amazing plot! sad that draco had to die! glad sirsus killed severus !
10/27/2019 c39 Guest
great story, just as good as the last but for the draco section i had this mental picture of the sistine chaple falling on draco?idk?
11/28/2018 c7 Mesalina
March 2nd is Bon Jovi's birthday? jajaja! :)
10/19/2017 c39 Lucy Maud Montgomery
5/31/2017 c39 Danielle.vball
Wow dang so good wow
4/15/2017 c39 t g
I have got only one complaint...Why did you have to kill Draco off..it wasn't nice..but other than that..your story was amazing
2/12/2017 c7 dhamann7878
UndividedElizabeth shares her birthday with my mother and Theodore Geisel
7/14/2016 c39 Guest
Aww such a good read! I couldn't put it down.
6/21/2016 c39 1Lioness6
OH MY GOD! You're story is absolutely AMAZING! It made me laugh, cry, smile, and seethe with anger! This was amazing! I stayed up until, like, 2 am reading a chapter of this, and I have never done that for another fanfiction! I LOVE this story!
~ 1_Lioness_6
10/29/2015 c1 Who
I'm sorry but WHAT! Why are you starting us off on a riddle ? Is it a riddle? It sounds like a riddle so there for it is. Right? Eather way I'm very very very curious. So I think I should continue reading for now.
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