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for Nanda, Tsuzuki?

6/24/2006 c3 67WingsofSmoke
*suddenly becomes OOC (Out-Of-Character)*

NO MURAKI FIC! THAT BASTARD IS AWEFUL! i usually prefer the whole Tsuzuki/Hisoka fics, even thought I'm not a yaoi fan. But NO Muraki. you put him in this fic, so help me, i will flame you if it's the last thing i ever get to do! NO MURAKI! But anyway, it's a very good short story to read. Keep writing! Remeber: NO Muraki!

Ja ne!

-Saphira Nakare Ruakara
3/31/2006 c3 Ayame
Girl the story is good so far, but you need more.
7/24/2005 c3 7Yuka Hasumi
lets see.. should you make it a muraki fic...? i don't mind.. ^_^ i just love reading your story. could you possibly review mine? its my first fic... kinda wondering what people think about it.. oh and could you please not make the paragraph too long? my eyes hurt.. :)
7/23/2005 c3 Amethyst-eyed Koneko
Hey! I like what I've read so far! Update soon! Oh, don't let Muraki get either one of them! I'm like you - I detest Muraki! Therefore, he should have to have all his plans fail and go pouting back to Oriya since Oriya is the only one who will put up with the "dirty little slut"! :D (I just love that description of him!)
7/21/2005 c2 2DemonicDragon666
YAY! I like this story! PLease update very very soon!
7/21/2005 c2 kioko
omg! i loved it good job you go that was the best is hisoka going to die oh no or is tsuzuki going to go off with that pervert oh no so many questions write more soon im on a cliff!
7/7/2005 c1 7Yuka Hasumi
am i the first to review? oh well.. i love the story so far.. plz continue!

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