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for Always In The Last Place You Look

9/26/2021 c21 9hinnylover123
I think this is a really good fic. keep up the good work
5/19/2017 c3 Christine-Danielle
...And someone ruins it. *Sighs dramatically*
3/28/2017 c21 sweetie88
you cant end it like that
7/10/2016 c21 Guest
Hey where is the next chapter ?haha
12/25/2015 c21 DiaryWork101
That was great
12/21/2015 c21 N
Ilove this. Wish ut was finished
10/19/2011 c21 kayleigh101
this was brilliant
8/2/2008 c21 2disappointedhouse
Harry's kind of a complete arse. And Ginny needs to really push him away. All of this wavering makes her look really weak, I think.

Excellent writing-and you have a lot of hilarious moments. But I really want to hurt Harry until he realizes what an arse he is and how he deserves to be all alone and friendless. This may be a little dramatic, but he just makes me really angry, that's all.
11/9/2007 c21 Loyd1957
I agree the dialogue is excellent. The detail is perfect. You can read the story and visually go along.

I do hope there is more. If not, at least they ended happy.
6/14/2007 c10 karma11
wow i've just started reading this and let me tell you this story is CRAZY! crazy good though esspecialy the dialouge the best part was

NO!" Ginny snapped. Harry immediately quieted down. She took a deep breath, trying to stay calm. "No," she repeated with a shaky voice. "You can't fix this Harry. There are some things you can't make better and this is one of them. I know you feel bad and want to make things fine but you can't. You can't save everyone Harry. You can't be the hero all the time."

just wow anyways i have to finsh reading this fic, i just wanted to stop and drop a review saying how good this fic is!
11/9/2006 c2 Hpnumber1fan
9/24/2006 c21 8macaday me a nut
Yay! sweet

macaday me a nut (and your one too!)
8/11/2006 c21 Hpnumber1fan
come on u con't end a story like that one more chapter
8/9/2006 c21 5Zo the Inkblot
Great chapter :) ...although I'm still unsure why he kissed Cassidy in the first place?

Can't wait for more,

8/9/2006 c21 5winterwonderland69
wow it's been so long.. i was about to give up hope that you'd update again...but u have and i'm very glad...good chapter but would have been better with more ginny being annoyed
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