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for Kon's Revenge

7/3/2007 c3 6yuki-kami
OMG! kon is like so funny i hope he gets his well deserved revenge..!
1/7/2006 c3 24omasuoniwabanshi
Kon's adventures in high school were just too funny, and having him kneel down to kiss Orihime's hand was hysterical. If only her bratty, overprotecteive friend weren't around to mess things up!

You've a gift for creating humorous situations. I'm glad Kon is finally getting a chance at payback for the way Ichigo and Co. have been treating him.

Nice job!
9/28/2005 c3 1katosen27
hm, this is entertaining...I would love to see Kon's revenge ^_^
7/28/2005 c2 32Procrastinator-starting2moro
Evil Kon! Kon naked and him being called a hobo! *laughs hysterically* I loved Tatsuki telling him to leave Orihime alone.
7/17/2005 c1 space mermaid
:D I want a fairy. Awesome chapter! Makes me cackle. Like Kon. Who also cackles.



Anou...Please update soon! e.e;;
7/14/2005 c1 Procrastinator-starting2moro
Good starting fic! I love Kon :)
7/8/2005 c1 Fruit Punch
Wha! I hope you update soon! I CAN'T WAIT to read the next chapter!

Poor Kon =P
7/8/2005 c1 Izandria Johnson
Aww, poor Kon. I hate how they treat him in the series even though it is funny. You did really well on this and I'm glad you pointed out your mistake. I could see him as a teddy bear, sort of. Anyways I like the fairies, they're interesting. I can't wait to read the next part.
7/8/2005 c1 13YL
I also wanna know what is an empty and a partial desire!

Human Kon! Human Kon!
7/8/2005 c1 Lazygurl
Cute! Great job and continue!
7/7/2005 c1 21Kaeru Soyokaze
Whoa...Kon with a human body...this should be interesting.
7/7/2005 c1 2cocoa-latte
Yes! Go Kon! I always feel so sorry for him. A stuffed animal and all. Is this a one-shot? Oh well, if not, please continue!

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