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for The Return of Rocky

1/20/2006 c1 reyeB nagoL
(Read this backwards.)

noos yrots melbmE eriF taht ot teg osla dluohs uoY.retpahc dooG
10/15/2005 c1 2The Jellybean Man
Will shake ever shut up?
10/15/2005 c1 1HardlyEverUpdates
Rocky's a war machine?
7/8/2005 c1 person who loves your work
this is amazing, the best story i ever read, it is kinda short though, but for it being so short, it was hilarius, i kno it was short because it was only the beggining, i understand, but u r the best author ever

person who loves your work :) (and no this is not the author trying to make himself look good)

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