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7/30/2020 c2 Guest
9/23/2006 c2 23ReisFriend
Rei and Shinji together. YAY. And Asuka stopping them with her presence from being intimate and loving. Damn her. But update this or there will be fans left to lurch, like Misato would probably say.
9/20/2006 c2 Alucard180
not to bad, short but sweet at the same time write more please
9/20/2006 c2 44dennisud
Nice bit of fluff to read on a quiet and calm night. Heck even the Devil's Daughter's in a good mood and actually having a convo with the enigmatic Rei.

though I think this is enough, this could spir a neat multi-chaptered story given that this was a calm between storms known as a real life!

9/20/2006 c1 6Cryoxe
Short but sweet, keep it up!
9/2/2005 c1 11Lone Wulffe
Short, but it was quite good. I hope to read more of your works in the future.
7/13/2005 c1 6saiyan prince1
nice, wish there was more
7/12/2005 c1 2bmatsea
is there going to be more? i hope so
7/12/2005 c1 3CrimsonGaze
Ok we're listening!
7/12/2005 c1 jennyjennai
I have to say that this is certainly a nice work. Good dialogue - very under stated, yet full of emotion.
7/11/2005 c1 3WarpWizard
Nice fluff. :)
7/11/2005 c1 44dennisud
This little ditty should be used as a start to the story that led up to it.

I think we all would want to see how this came about and whether they are friends, siblings, or more.


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