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for Before They Met Their Final Destination

5/31/2020 c1 Bonneyb09
I love this! I've always been a major FD1 fan and I've wanted more interaction between the characters from that movie so I find this fanfic amazing!
6/20/2016 c4 Conqueror2017
It appears as though when Alex, Tod, and Carter all fell off the cliff, they received brain damage and began to act differently than normal. After Carter tried to commit suicide and realized what he did, it looks like he put his mind back in order, but Alex and Tod were still total cut-ups until they forgot about their past experiences in the forest.
5/31/2016 c2 Guest
Maybe one of the characters could mention the North Bay Bridge, since this story was set in the brief period of time in which Death left Sam alone.
5/26/2016 c1 1Conqueror2017
It's pretty ironic that in the beginning during the scene in the principal's office, Tod and Carter were close to being banned from the Flight 180 disaster. Alex killed them both by speaking impartially about what happened. In Chapter 3, again, Mr. Doggett threatens the whole class (except Clear, I assume) with banishment from the trip to France because none of them were paying attention.

So why DID you make Alex immature like Tod? It seems like everything went to hell, and then the events were wiped out of their minds. Maybe the trip on Flight 180 would have just been CANCELLED if Agents Schrek and Weine hadn't intervened.
3/29/2009 c4 15LeonPianta
I loved the whole story, but it was so completely random near the end... ok

I never knew about the alternate ending where Alex was decapitated. I've seen the one where he was burnt, and I personally liked it better than the actual ending :P

Thanks for a story worth reading.
12/12/2004 c1 Billy
i'd have to admit,Billy liking Clear and Clear liking Billy?thats very random,but it was kinda good the way Clear was actually getting into...how should i say this,she was getting more comfortable around people.(well maybe just Billy,but you get my point)and the way she described her feelings and the way Billy did also?FANTASTIC!BRILLIANT!((lol,if u have read my other posts,there about Billy.and only Billy.hehe its probably obvious that hes my fave character.))
5/28/2003 c1 shadow
Can't get rid of me, I know, but during the last weeks I became really addicted to reviews, so sorry. I know I write a lot of crap, but since I'm obviously a little sad and insane in the brain (Who was that asking "A LITTLE?"), I trust in your understanding.

That one's here definitely the best. Still laughing my ass off. And hey, since *Last Resort*'s turned out to be Carter's favorite, I considered KORN's *Thoughtless" to be all the dorkhead's - that our beloved asshole's not getting tired to beat up constantly - one:

*All of my hate cannot be bound

I will not be drowned by your thoughtless scheming

So you can try to tear me down

Beat me to the ground

I will see you screaming.*

What do you think? I saw the video last night for the first time while zapping a bit and I just had to print the text today. Whoa, that's school of life. Reminding me of some people I really hated. Not that they ever dared to beat me up or stuff, for God's sake, no! Cuz I had the best defender, lucky one I am.

Anyway, hit me back, just to chat, truly yours, your biggest fan, this is - er, I start to hate that Em-guy. You know, have no fear, I fear enough for my state of mind ...well, gotta go, I'm almost at the bridge now ... wah! OMG! If that somewhat-dirty-blonde (yeah, okay, real bright-white there)wouldn't have caught my eye in that clip that much, making me start watching and listening to it over and over again, I could at least still pretend to be mentally sane.

So sorry, I shouldn't torture you and that poor review-page with that shit. Anyway, hi... er, er, I 'll piss off before someone calls the cops or at least a psychiatrist.


5/16/2003 c4 1Dharke
(Sighs sadly) aww the last part of the fic. (she pulls the cord...) oh wait! OMG you've written more fics. i'm there! i'd just like to say i've thorougly enjoyed this fic and that i'll be back to read your other stories!
5/16/2003 c4 Dharke
(Sighs sadly) aww the last part of the fic. (she pulls the cord...) oh wait! OMG you've written more fics. i'm there! i'd just like to say i've thorougly enjoyed this fic and that i'll be back to read your other stories!
5/16/2003 c3 Dharke
muahaha back again;

"Going to Tod and George’s!" Alex called, grabbing his hooded jacket."

ah (heart melts) he looks so cut in them hooded jackets.

"Billy knocked on the door, hoping that people weren’t joking him around again, like the time in seventh grade when Carter had pretended he was invited to the park after school. As you can probably guess, you got beaten up. He still had the scar on his leg from the kick. But, they were adults now, and they could put that all behind them couldn’t they?"

ah (heart melts - oh i just used that.) how could people be so mean to billy?

"Tod opened the door, thinking he was ace with his sunglasses tucked onto the neck of his sweater."

omg you're such a pro to remember the sunglasses part off of the film.

"Trying to put the fact that everyone in the whole house knew he was an S-Club 7 fan behind him, he followed Terry back into the living room."

Tod's an sclub7 fan! (laughs) he is so gay.

"He set up a sign in his room. When he pulled a cord, a huge sign was meant to hit him in the back and crush him. But it backfired. He flew out of the window instead." How Clear said that without laughing I’ll never know."

(is again crying with laughter) that is so comedic genius! i love that idea!

"Well then. I think a meeting with the chore hat should be suffi-."

"Oh! No, not the chore hat!" Tod whined.

"Please! Anything but the sodding chore hat!" George begged, falling to his knees on the floor."

THE CHORE HAT! OMG! NO! (laughs.) what corny parents man.

"Dress yourself every morning," he read out loud. "I am sick and tired of laying out your clothes every day and if you don’t throw out that stripy sweater soon I swear I will go insane." George passed it to Tod. "I think that one’s for you."

Linda Waggner’s expression never changed."

(cannot breathe for laughter.) yet another hilariously funny part of this awesome fic.

"Alex, you can be Macbeth, since you’re always dying to play the main character." This wasn’t true. Alex was the one who always made up excuses to leave the room before parts were given out. He just saw reading plays as being gay."

hey pretty ironic since he plays the lead in fd. macbeth? i'm not sure i can picture him as that character. lol.

"What?" Alex asked, putting the chicken spread back into his rucksack."

Chicken spread ew... how can alex eat that shit?

"Alex didn’t answer. He was digging around in his bag for more food."

more food! i didnt notice him eating THAT much in the movie.

"Exactly. And that’s the problem with this class. You can’t focus on the task you are meant to be focusing on."

"I have a cat called Whiskers," Alex said suddenly. "She likes me to stroke her back and she purrs when you-."

"Can’t you see? You’re not concentrating!" The principal continued, getting frustrated."

(winces at how juvenile alex sounds) oh why do you make him sound like a kid! in the film he was so... like mature.

"Well, I can see that you have learned your lesson," he announced, walking towards the door. "Every time I hear that you haven’t been concentrating with your studies, I’ll do it again. And next time I won’t be picking on Stripy, or Cat-Boy-."

Alex and Tod cringed at those names. Boy, were they gonna get taken the piss out of for that later."

(laughs at nicknames) stripy and catboy! kinda like batman and robin. nanana catboy!
5/16/2003 c2 Dharke
hello i'm back. alright! there's more alex in this part!

"And let’s not forget we are talking about a 17 year old boy. Tod is a ‘lecherous’ character apparently, I read it on a website. You don’t wanna meet him in a dark alleyway..."

hey really? ew i hate tod even more now. i mean c'mon you definetly gonna be put off, if he comes up to you and says; 'hey lets take a shit'.

"Alex couldn’t drive either. Simply because he couldn’t be arsed. He was quite a lazy git to be honest."

(is laughing out of breath.) crude and to the point. thats gotta be the best line of the story. ever!

"Beneath the gentlemanly ‘Must not take advantage of poor innocent girl’, exterior, he’s (tod) a bit of a caniving little sod really isn’t he?"

DEFINETLY! Tod's evil!

""Believe me, they can," Tod answered, remembering how Alex had grassed on him to the teacher in fourth grade, all because he happened to have Alex’s dumb propelling pencil in his pocket at the time. Of course,Tod knew he never stole it, and he still stuck by his story that aliens put itthere."

PROPELLING PENCIL! ALIENS! (Bursts out laughing.) man you have so many great ideas.

"When Alex opened his eyes it was morning. The light shone through the curtains, brightening up his room. His arm hurt a lot, but at least he knew it wasn’t broken."

Ah poor alex. i better kiss his arm better...(looks disgusted at own stupidness.)

"He could smell breakfast being cooked downstairs. That was probably one of the only things he liked about his parents. They could cook, which meant he didn’t have to. Yeah, he was a lazy sod, but that’s what happens when your parents run around after you isn’t it?"

LOL! really i wouldnt of thought alex was a lazy sod...

"Feeling starving, he grabbed his dressing gown and made for the door."

alex in a dressing gown. (closes eyes to try and picture it) muhm nice.

"Cool," Tod said to himself as the mountie hung on for dear life. Diefenbaker suddenly appeared on the screen. He began to lick Fraser’s hand. Fraser laughed uncontrollably, losing his grip and before Tod’s very eyes he slipped and fell to his untimely death.

"Best episode I’ve ever seen."

(is laughing so hard tears are streaming down her face.) that was such a good idea! i never liked that mountie neither he was a jerk.

"No I won’t. And I’m not telling you anything. Get out, just get out of my room and leave me alone!" Carter cried.

"Fine then. I will. But when you want your allowance this month don’t think that you’re-."

"Okay I’ll talk," Carter said quickly, only thinking of himself."

man that didnt take him long to confess lol. well so far this is so long its taken me four hours to read...
5/16/2003 c1 Dharke
oh man, sheer excellence. loved it to bits. i couldnt really sum it all up in a few lines, so i thought i'd better input my favourite quotes from your masterpiece;

"Hey hey hey! Guys, break it up," he (Alex) attempted to control the situation, which only resulted in a kick in the balls from Carter. Doubled up in agony, Alex fell to the ground."

AHAHAHAHAHAAHA! LOL! (laughs evilly for about an hour)poor 'ickle alex.

"No, Carter," Alex said angrily. "You said we were going to study, you never said anything about watching this pointless film, with it’s crap plot and-"

Alex was now watching the screen. Carter gave an appreciative smirk and turned back to the front.

"I mean, what is the point in even watching this, it’s the saddest film I have ever..."

His voice trailed off. Alex stared intently at the movie.

"Alex?" Tod asked, confused.

"Sh! Can’t you see I’m enjoying this?" Alex replied sharply."

(Laughs for even longer.) that has to be one of the best pasts of the chapter! i can totally relate to that, men so do that.

"Hey, hey, what the hell is going on?" Alex blurted out, the sound of the engine turning his attention away from the movie."

ahh poor alex he didn't get to watch the rest of the movie.

"Carter pushed his foot down on the accelerator, the car lurched forward. He turned the steering wheel and started driving off, just as Billy re-appeared carrying the popcorn, coke and hot dogs.

"Hey, wait for me!" He yelled, over the roar of the engine."

LOL! I can imagine carter doing that to Billy!

"Where’s Alex then?" Carter asked.

"Dead in a ditch somewhere," Tod replied in a very calm voice."

(Heart skips a few beats.) NO! HOW COULD YOU KILL HIM! ALEX! (Reads next few lines.) phew. oh thank you for not killing him!

"Tod looked at him. "Carter, all we’re doing is sitting here drinking, where’s the fun in that?"

"If we got out of the car and went to climb trees," Carter answered, grinning at Tod."

CLIMB TREES! (Bursts out laughing) once again you are amazing with comedy. loving it loving it.

"Oh thanks. Nice to know who your friends are isn’t it?"

"Hang on a second," Clear said holding her hands out. "We never said we were your friends okay?"

Billy felt sad then. He was stuck in the middle of the woods on a boiling hot day, alone with two girls. Normally any guys dream come true, but not for Billy now that they’d basically just told him they didn’t like him."

Clear you stupid BITCH! DIE! poor, poor billy. she is evil!

"Tod and Carter sat on a rock, laughing and wearing pine cones on their heads. Empty beer bottles were scattered on the ground. They started singing ‘row, row, row your boat’ drunkenly."

(laughs even louder) what idiots! hang on a moment. how do you wear a pine cone on your head? wouldnt it fall off...?

"Carter!" Terry screamed, half shocked, half confused. "Oh MY GOD! What are you doing, wearing MY clothes?"

(is still laughing from the girls clothes bit) please have mercy on my lungs! that is to good. now carters gonna get it from terry.

"Kite?" Carter attempted to help.

"Yeah, my kite, cos we were flying my kite and er-."

"You brought a kite with you?" Terry asked, not believing a word of their ridiculous story.

"Yeah, you can’t go wrong with a kite," Carter interrupted."

that excuse is brillence! i love it! how the hell did you think up something so good? well thats all the best parts of part 1. wooho! 3 more to get through!
4/28/2003 c1 2shawn4542
i didn't get to read it all but so far so good really. You describe their feelings well. somthing i have to get better at. Keep writing i like it.
9/22/2002 c4 5cyberfrogX
humorous, and interesting.
7/18/2001 c1 Kristyn
OKay! First! I don't no what just happened but the story was really in the beginning and then it went really bad. Alex is the main character of the movie and now Carter is! I'm so but you seem like a great author but I wish that your story cam out alittle better. Hey I still love it though. It was funny but it could be alittle better.
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