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for Before They Met Their Final Destination

7/8/2001 c1 Ryan
It was somewhat funny. It would be less confusing if it was written i American English, cause it was quite confuzzling when you Carter said there was clothes in his boot. I was thinking shoe. Hmmm. Then I remembered that that's what Brits call the trunk. You Brits are cool.
4/25/2001 c1 9BadMoonlight
LOL, nice mix of humor and drama, and I'm keen on your "author's notes" as well. It seemed to me that Billy had a crush on Clear, also. BTW, I'm extremely curious as to what the deleted scenes feature since I don't have a DVD player- Please tell! =)
4/25/2001 c1 Ally
Great Story Flight180 Thanx for the book and Yvonne Poems.

Thanx A lot bye
4/17/2001 c4 Rosie
i was really impressed with this story. all Final Destination fans have 2 read it. lots of tie-ins with other films and tv programmes and the original film. i absolutely loved reading it although the last part went a bit freaky and random. READ THIS peeps. its cool! ps the little writers notes are hilarious.

4/14/2001 c1 wishicouldwrite
sorry i havnt read the whole story yet but i have to go out (mum naggin)...am adding it 2 my favs so i can come back later to finish off. what i have read so far is brill!
4/11/2001 c4 Flight180
I'm the saddo who wrote the story and I'm so sad that I review my own work. Well, it looks ace to me! Rosie, the other person who reviewed it, is my friend who just calls me gimp. It's her I keep mentioning in my story in the writers note section in case you didn't know.

Anyway, see ya.
4/10/2001 c1 rosie
great story gimp, seeing as I read it before everyone else. Its very funny!
4/9/2001 c1 3TerminalMadness83
you scratch my back I'll scratch yours buddy. Thanx a bunch for the review. Thanx. This story is loooong but that's a good thing. You put great thought into this story. This has the essence of FD. Great job. chapters 4 and 5 are great. so here u go. hope you like my review. I'm in NY. NY. good job buddy. I started chuckling when you found out the little inside joke with the name devon. ur sharp. great job!
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