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for Not Your Average MarySue

3/1/2012 c2 6pajamaghost
I understand that this hasn't been updated in forever, but I want you to update this soon! It's really funny!
1/2/2006 c2 Cockatrice
She's still a Sue, unfortunately: A "badass" Sue. It was kind of creeping in around the edges from the start of the "ostracization," but you clinched it when you described her clothing. The clothes you like, eh? :} It's okay, it happens to everyone- but Sue-mocking stories need careful attention, and frankly they usually do better with canon characters, if you can manage to keep them in character. (There are really too many Sue-mocking stories, period, actually.) Sorry.

Also, as a general writing tip, try to keep author's notes out of the middle of the story, and reference other canons as little as humanly possible- for instance, the Willy Wonka thing was pretty extraneous. 'Blueberry', or some other descriptive color, would have worked just as well, if not better for those who didn't know Wonka, and it keeps the reader from being jerked out of your canon.
1/2/2006 c2 Allison
Oh, cool! I really like this story. You should update again, but I realize how hard it can be.
8/23/2005 c2 4a spy undercover
I love it. I love it. I love it.

You have to write more. Please?

Two questions though...

1) Why is she wearing smutty clothes, it my impression Mary-Sue are to be beyond perfect and

2)I can't remember question 2, oh well you will just have to write another chapter so I can review that one with it containing my second question.

Did I mention I love it? Esp. her name and her distorted view of reality part.
7/13/2005 c1 a spy undercover
Get rid of it?

Please tell me yuor joking this is beyond a dobut the best story I've read in a long while.

I love it I love it I love it.

You have to keep going, please do it for everybody out there who write Mary-Sue fics. They have put too many hours into them and they deserve a reward for them it just wouldn't be right to take this away from them.
7/13/2005 c1 5Dark Lady of R
o. I like this story. I've never actually read something quite like this. Do continue becasue I like it so far. Update soon! ^_^

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