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for Ama no Kagerou

3/8/2016 c4 Bluejayway123
LeeXTemari? I would read it.I won't say no to creativity.
11/14/2014 c1 174EvilFuzzy9
Wooow, a recently updated fic that has been on this site longer than I have. Don't see many of those floating around anymore.

(yaaaay, LeeTen is one of my secret Naruto ships)
10/19/2011 c7 Shikatema fan 3
UPDATE btw was lee and tenten there when nejisaku were drunkily making oout :3 n also 333 the story NEJI IS SOOO HAWT!

Lee is super cute KyYYWWAAAAA!

Luv it!

8/22/2009 c5 blahblahblahx3
oh hell no

you did not just do that! why is up with evil authors and the cliffies! gr... D:

haha jk jk but yeah please update soon you havent in like over a year and it seriously truely breaks my little heart:)

but yeah great fic and go nejisakusasu 3
12/12/2008 c7 hotneji24
lol the more i read the better the story and your daily threats get. This story is awesome and its not a lovey-dovey fic which i like i've been looking for a good nejisakusasu fic 4 the longest while and i'm glad i found this one your an awesome writer and words can't explain how good this story is can't wait 4 the next chapter.

1/31/2008 c7 16SmilingArtist
I really hope that the final pairing is NejiSaku and LeeTen.

Update please!
12/6/2007 c7 obsessivity
actually it means The Flower Of Dancing ._. im part french i should know, those translating programs never work D:

i LOVE ur story btw IT'S AWSOME! x3 update Ai Es Ai Pee!

11/23/2007 c7 1tuneless.melody
lol. I love this story and your humor as well. =P Chya, can't want to read the next chapter. Though, I really hope that the fic doesn't end SasuSaku. Meh, whatever it is, it will be really good. =D
11/21/2007 c7 1xxredlotus
It's Great! Update soon!
10/31/2007 c7 Zora Olsen
Yay! your threats are back...Firstly, i have that problem with Uchiha Sasuke, you just need to hit him one and tell him to stay down...this should not be a sasusaku fic. By all means have sasusaku moments and all, how ever far you want to go...but do not make this a sasusaku ending, otherwise your threats may be returned to you :)...but you can do what you want, its your fic...just don't make it a sasu saku okay :|.

As far as lemons go, go ahead if you want, but i would advise a change in the rating. i do usually prefer angsty, dark M rated fics, because i'm a agood idea in my view. And need to get away from the humour, don't let it tempt you, move to a darker themed fic...but perhaps it is too late for you, you've been consumed by the light :( ... your too good..

Anywho update soon.
10/31/2007 c6 Zora Olsen
Stupid thing wouldn't let me review the last chap, stating that i'd already done it...and low and behold, i actually did, a very long time ago. I was going to state that your threats were actually quite endearing (does that make you feel better?)..but i kinda miss them. I think in most fics OOCness is completely inevitable basically because these situations would never occur and never have occured in the i can completely understand your difficulty with that...unless that wasn't what you were intending. I think Neji's nature being this evil would work in a more darker does kinda seem that you are torn between humour and angst when it comes to Sakura and Neji, i would go for the latter, i thin k it would work much better, as neji and sasuke are basically evil S.O.B's, who hardly ever smile or laugh...ramble...ramble...ramble
10/31/2007 c4 Zora Olsen
Is he going to kill her with the kunai...or kill himself...maybe there'll be a Uchiha type massacre in the village...this is the questions that would have proded through my mind had i not already read it once...about your threats...Perhaps Ibiki should utilise some of them to get information out of enemies, they'd work darn well...
10/31/2007 c3 Zora Olsen
Hehe...i like Neji in this fic, he's obviously ooc (not a criticism), but i likes him anyway despite his sadistic nature creeping through.
10/31/2007 c2 Zora Olsen
Yes, your threat was very disturbing and made me rush to review, because that would be my worst nightmare. As far as other pairings go, i don't care, but the less you have of them the better. I also realised that the genre is Romance/Drama...all this time i thought it was humour...but humour never hurt anyone, or did it...yes, next chapter
10/31/2007 c1 Zora Olsen
I've read this fic before, but decided to re read since its been a long time. I don't like the Neji tenten pairing, so hooray for the end of that. I don't usually like first person narratives...but since you have a mix of point of views i guess i'm okay with it..but just for the point of reviewing, i'll say that perhaps you should just leave it at third person view...that's my very bias opinion :)
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