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8/5/2011 c48 1qwertyuiop678
i liked them... well most of them is more accurate... the one about Cotton and the violin was my absolute favorite... as a violin player, I am very proud of that... Thanks for the effort put into the violin bit! ^.^
8/19/2010 c48 50Jennifer Lynn Weston
I'd always assumed that the Pearl's crew stole the food during their raid on Port Royal, on the assumption they'd soon acquire the final coin & break their curse. And wouldn't they be wanting to slake their appetites then!

Fine little scene-filler drabble!
8/19/2010 c4 2M. S. Arora
The repetition of 'ten years' in the final paragraph was particularly effective.

‘The smoke of his pistol drifts up in the moonlight like incense.’ – Loved the imagery. :)
8/19/2010 c3 M. S. Arora
'But to see and hear the slice of teeth through the firm green flesh, to see pleasure in the face of his enemy is utter damnation.' - Brilliant (and true, I guess!). Again, a very apt description of the scene. Loved it!
8/19/2010 c2 M. S. Arora
A fantastic description of the moment, one of the best I've read concerning the scene in question. Well done.
8/19/2010 c1 M. S. Arora
Well I'm glad I stumbled upon this!

Wow, a very dark piece, indeed. In 100 words, you established such a murky atmosphere – it’s excellent. I like how you leave the girl anonymous, offering nothing more than a short and terrible description of the aftermath of the attack. We know nothing about her, what she was to Will: a sister, a friend, or perhaps just some passenger aboard the ship.

Very well written.

3/16/2008 c6 36meowbooks
Drabbles need to make the most of every word. You do it so well.

There are so many mysteries in PotC, strings and threads we shall never know more about, but I think that's one of the interesting things about it. We don't know everything just as we don't know everything in our own world.

We know so little about Will's mother and it's interesting to see the different takes on her.
10/16/2007 c47 9Nisa Tunesque
Blimey, now these are incredibly well-written drabbles. 'For Love is as Strong as Death' is by far my favourite one, so intense and emotional. Very well done indeed - have a gold star!
6/24/2007 c1 15kaleidoscope heart
Congratulations! You and your story have been inaugurated into the "Pirates of the Caribbean FanFiction Hall of Fame".

Please visit my profile page for more details.

It's not as grand as it sounds, but we hope that by setting this up we are providing a valuable service for all PotC FanFiction lovers out there.

Please come and make some nominations of your own or just join in the fun!
6/7/2007 c6 kaleidoscope heart
wow... I usually don't like drabbles (the length of them drives me mad for some reason) but these are just wonderful. Amazing job. Going on my favorites. :)
6/4/2007 c47 1BabyBoy
How resourceful of Elizabeth! Almost makes me forgive her for her truly bad St. Crispin's Day-like speech delivered while perched on the Black Pearl's rail in AWE. One point of disbelief: how the heck did she conceive a child with a dead man? Of course, assuming one can copulate with a dead man, I guess one can conceive by him? I'm glad this narrative arc has completed. If there is a 4th movie, I hope Jack has new foils with whom to interact.
6/4/2007 c30 1BabyBoy
How dark! But we know the magic of our man. Dancing the hempen jig is not to be his fate. This is more our nightmare than his - the seas without Jack Sparrow is as Gibbs once said "...aye, and already the world seems a little less bright..."
5/29/2007 c47 27CaptainTish
Hi! So glad to see you back in action! I missed you! But of course, you had a good excuse, so I guess it's okay!

“that was ten years before we meet on land. No one said anything at all about on water.” YES! She can go visit him any time she wants! I love it!

Lovely! And you've got a new chapter of "Crossing the Bar" - yay! I'll probably read that tomorrow - I may need to reread the last couple of chapter to remind myself what was last going on, plus I'm gonna go see Pirates again tomorrow, so I'll be in an extra piratey mood!

Again, so glad to see you back!
5/29/2007 c47 41aspirer

you are brilliant.

that is all.
5/28/2007 c47 26Nerds United
yay! very nice. i like it.
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