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1/25/2010 c8 basiln
i'd love to see you update this, i was thinking of taking it of my alerts as it has been so long but i think i will wait a bit longer
6/30/2009 c8 1RoseThorn333
please write more. ilove this story
8/22/2008 c8 shiftyless
Ok then, just awesome wonder what kind of D.E Harry Potter's going 2 make?
9/23/2007 c8 11sunshine-in-writing
Yay! that was so great! I really like how you're not just having Harry turn dark and defect without giving a reason, and I REALLY like how you're having the Death Eaters actually have a worthwile cause! But you might want to put more in about Lucius actually teaching Harry how to please, rather than just having sex. I am definitely putting this on my alerts list!

7/17/2007 c8 Amy
This is extremely interesting. I can't wait for more. Does Lucius have genuine feelings for Harry, or is he just using him? I hope he is genuine, because Harry deserves someone to truly care for and love him.
7/6/2007 c8 Seran Hawthorne
Hm, I like...very much so!

Can't wait for the next chapter, this is a wonderful story^^
7/2/2007 c8 70Aisling-Siobhan
Poor Harry! Must be terrified! *forgets about Harry and runs after Lucius* More soon cya x
7/2/2007 c8 1Orphelia Malfoy
I really like this story… was surprised when I read when it was first posted as it has eluded me since today! I am rather intrigued by the concept of Lucius making Harry see his side. There are some other stories with this plot out there, but I think the way in which you are doing it still sets it apart from other stories like that. I also love the fact that Hermione has now set out the save wizarding culture. I am quite anxious to see how Lucius will react to that, an “evil” Muggleborn out to save his culture.

I hope you get the chance to update soon.
7/1/2007 c8 Lakoma
This was a great chapter! A long time coming as well. I had to re-read this from the beginning, but I was glad. I cannot wait to see how you are going to get these two to work together for the betterment of the wizarding world.
7/1/2007 c8 kmwsweetness
00o0 i like this story alot! Can't wait to read more^_^
1/15/2007 c7 darkwaterkitty
omg you finally put another chapter!Yaa! thank you *gives you cookie*
12/16/2006 c7 5Marauders-Lover
I love the story I hope you update soon
11/28/2006 c7 5Black Sorceress
Very interesting and origianl. I like the way it's written! Please update soon!
11/27/2006 c7 snowlight144
11/26/2006 c7 6KageMori
really really good! i cant wait for the next chapter to be posted!
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