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2/23/2016 c11 3Dragon's Shaow
Aww, so cute! Wish I could write one of these but I have got to finish my own stories first or else...very angry and scary people will come looking for me...if they aren't already. U r awesome writer!
1/3/2016 c6 10Eclipse Mueller
Amazing. You've got skills.
12/20/2012 c2 Eris
Oh my god but this story it awesome. And from your notes, so are you. I really can't wait to see what happens next. Genuinely lol.
7/15/2012 c11 4GravekeeperBat
Cute, but what happened between chapter 10 and here?
5/11/2009 c11 3HappyStickofTNT
What? That's it! How very unfair and uncool. Get back over here and finish what you started for real before I send zombies after your sorry bum! ...
2/20/2009 c8 a lack in creativity fan
love your fanfic! i know this review is a bit late, since your posted it several years ago, but i've only read DD a while ago and now i'm just going down the list of fanfics. I have to say the dark past thing was a nice twist and i love the dead father thing, but -here comes the big but, and i am sorry if i'm being rude and blunt with all this- PLEASE! "hanyou"(Chapter Eight: Once Upon A Memory)? Demon Diary is KOREAN not japanese ok. so please make sure you get thing right next time you right a fanfic. i know it's nice to add other languages into writing -i personaly do it too- but please make sure that the right language applies to the right manga. i also understand that a fanfic is the author's own interpretation of the story, but it just gets me when people uses things out of term.

ok that's all the buts done. sorry again about being rude and blunt -my griends always say i'm too blunt *laugh*. i hope you will carry on writing and i really enjoyed reading your work.
11/7/2008 c11 3AbandonedKittenAtYourDoor
sweet and romantic. One of the highlights was the description of Erutis' silver room. I want an enchanted castle...T.T But I do wonder how the battle went?...
11/4/2007 c4 8Luna Riven
Oh my goodness! This is seriously making my day! The last chapter was a little too weepy feeling but this one is utterly fantastic! I fell off the floor laughing. That's how great it is. It made me fall off the FLOOR. ~Luna
6/23/2007 c6 6fangirlqueen
Ohh ilove the little twist!
6/23/2007 c3 fangirlqueen
This story is awsome and as a the fangirlqueen i commend you ^_^
6/1/2007 c11 1Lorian Kedrake
What! That's it! -blinks- please tell me there is more coming... And this is a cruel and unusal joke... though so far this fic has had no cruel and unusal jokes... hmm.. Does that make the author even capable of them? I wonders.. Aw well...maybe there will be more and show what happens with Erutis on Krayons back fighting the girl's Vampiric father... interesting turn of events...I wasn't expecting the 'vampire' but eh..I can't predict everything lol. Well...unless I write my own fic -cackles insanely- But I enjoyed the reading of your none the less...especially from chapter 5 on... I noted some gramatical errors.. but we're all only human after all... well most of us.. lol.

6/1/2007 c10 Lorian Kedrake
I knew he shouldn't of left her...and had a feeling krayon would get distracted lol... ah now for the meat of it...hm...

climb on his back :P that's silly. lol

Wow I didn't have much to say on that chapter...hmm..but then again certain people who shall remain nameless has been distracting me... Oh well... :P

6/1/2007 c9 Lorian Kedrake
The father... didn't see that coming... hope his torturous death is graphically depicted...

Magically poofs lol.. good.. still a little to soppy for me but the explain and such is good. I think i'm kinda upset by how quickly she fell into his arms... and she not fighting for herself.. but letting Krayon protect her.. ah well, i'm still enjoying the fic none the less for all my grumblings lol..

Onward Read!

6/1/2007 c8 Lorian Kedrake
Another chapter, another review...

O... a lover's fight... so far it reads nicely. -smiles softly in memory of her own such fights-

“T-that’s ridiculous! We got along fine together… at separate ends of the castle…” That one made me laugh, though when I say something like that 'at separate ends of the castle' would have been thought not mumbled. -chuckles- Very realistic. I applaud you -golf clap- alrighty..time to read some more.

Aww...the fight lost momentum... -sniffs sadly- well, maybe there a few good whacks at Krayon's head coming up that's not forseeable.. hm

O...the chapter certainly ends on an interesting note.. -taps her lip, thinking to herself- Yes, I do believe i must read chapter 9 now, and another cup of coffee can wait for a boring bit. -nods to herself, sends the review,clicks for the next chapter and opens a new review box-

6/1/2007 c7 Lorian Kedrake
Aww and here I was hoping for some threats from the mother. I love that she changed her attire.. but silver? again? lol

-shrugs- I was hoping for black or dark blue or something.. but well done none the less. And the crying. -sigh- Do you not like strong women? If she's suppose to be a demoness shouldn't she be a little stronger in character...but that is my two cents..and this is your story after all. Ok now let me read some more of this chapter and I'll add more thoughts to this review in a sec.. The servants having an active roll in the story is lovely...it's how they would act in reality..a gossip scene would be lovely. But the 'beauty and beast' betting in one of the previous chapters was amusing, I must say.

Flames embraced with chocolate and marshmellows...oh i love that... i hope I give you some sweet with the bitter.. like black coffee with a hint of sugar. hm well that it for chapter 7... now for chapter 8... -hopes not to find 8 full of mush and clicks the next chapter button-

Onward Read!


PS: I hope you don't mind my unusally long reviews...but I'm an opinionated person with alot to say sometimes, I hope you understand.
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