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1/14 c4 arodreader
Wow so sad to think this will never be finished. My heart!
6/3/2017 c1 vi
you're a awesome writer your stories are amazing please continue your great story i want to see what happens next i can't believe that robin and starfire erased their memories of each other and that they had a fight please update soon seriously your story is awesome
12/12/2016 c1 sd
4/6/2014 c2 HellowKittay
Great story! You're really a very talented writer! :)
10/15/2013 c4 4FairyTalesIntheWoods
Plzzzzz make a new chapter i really love this story!
7/29/2013 c4 1EnchantedMagic1
Another chapter please! Love this story
9/16/2011 c4 11La Belle Rose Noire
gaaaa ,ust have update! it's been YEARS! what gives?
4/27/2011 c4 kookiedragon19
I know its super late but I just want to say this story is good and I love eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and I get it, I think you should try to finish it just for the sake of letting us know what happens D: lol no pressure btw love your work you are an awesome writer :3
12/12/2010 c4 debbie
I know, iknow, it has been like, a long time already?

But i 3 your story. It's quite unique. SO, whatcya waiting 4? altho it's probably not gonna get finish, can u at least try to finish it?
6/24/2010 c4 blairkins
ahhhhH! you haven't updated in like FIVE YEARS! Please update soon! and all the other teen titans stories you haven't finished. You're a great writer, just update more often! don't leave us hanging like this! :):):)
6/22/2010 c4 cxa117
Wow. You really know how to write a good story. I know you are really busy with real life stuff, but please update? :) I'm dying to know what happens.
6/28/2009 c1 150Green Gallant
even though you wont be back for a while I just wanted to say congradulations on getting married. You really need to have private message reinstalled.

One question though. Why did the mayor call him Young Master Robin? I mean he sounds like Alfred...wait...

Also the alternating POVs are a bit confusing. I know its suppose to build up to something later I'm just wondering what exactly.

Wow it sure doesnt take much to set Starfire off. I mean she's almost as bad as the time he had to date Kitten. I understand where she's coming from but I think she's kind of blowing this out of porportion. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind huh? I actually watched that once, but not the entire thing. Its been a while since I read a Teen Titans fic. And its hard to find a good one nowadays. So this is somewhat intrieging. Wasnt that a chick flick?
10/14/2007 c4 2Royal Blue
Wow, I just looked through your stories and decided to read this one first. And I love it. This whole story is wonderful, the plot is well written and the way you describle the characters is trully amazing.

No, no! I don't want Raven to erase their memories of each other. They love each other, Rebecca's just a stupid girl! -sighs- I really hope Raven isn't erasing their memories, just showing them to each other and pretending to erase them. o_O

Great story, I trully hope that you will continue it.

6/28/2007 c4 11cartoonstar
dude! this story is awesome! i love it!

i hope starfire and robin choose not to erase each other

please, PLEASE update soon, i wanna know what happens ^_^
3/15/2007 c4 4RoseXxxXThorn
Oh no! They are going to erase eachother? AAh! You must continue writing this story please!

Love ya!

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