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for What Not To Do

4/6/2009 c11 LK-HoGwArTs-hEaDgIrL
Amazing. I Loved it. It's Great.
2/12/2006 c10 2Natsuyori
great work!
1/30/2006 c10 16Nuya
Well, its great. I like your story very much, hurry up ;) Want more, want more *grin*
1/30/2006 c10 2Lady Lucius Malfoy
good story/chapter, keep writing please
1/29/2006 c10 HeraBates
I am curious about whether or not he'll find out about her parents soon, or if she will continue to keep it from him.

I liked how you had her think about her parents deaths but still fight her emotions, keeping them from getting out and making her confront the fact that her parents are dead.

The paragraph starting "No matter how much of a father figure..." ends strangely. It goes from Hermione thinking about how Hogwarts wasn't her home to her making a reference about her new appearance. It's a wee bit confusing.
1/29/2006 c8 HeraBates
Ignore my last review, lol, it's fixed now (it might have been ffnet, since they have been strange today).

LOL, I loved the way that she just tossed out "by the way Draco thinks we’re sleeping together"
1/29/2006 c9 HeraBates
Harry is getting just a wee bit angry here; I like that you are keeping him pretty much canon seeing as how he also blamed himself for Cedric's death. With Hermione being so close to him it would be hard for him to handle her parents being dead and the chance that she is dead as well.

I think that you meant to put 'safe' here "perfectly sage"
1/29/2006 c7 HeraBates
I think you accidently double posted this, because I remember that happening.
1/29/2006 c6 HeraBates
Hmm.. the Order looks like it's going into near panic mode when it comes to Hermione, especially now that Mrs. Weasley knows.
1/29/2006 c10 19severus-fan
Great job! You did wonderful. It's very interesting, and I can't wait for more! Please update soon!
1/29/2006 c10 32prin69
awesome chapter. " Unlike Harry, Hogwarts wasn’t her home and it would never be. In short, she was beautiful, it was no wonder Draco was smitten. " this doesnt make much sense though
1/29/2006 c9 prin69
oh poor harry
1/29/2006 c8 prin69
1/29/2006 c7 prin69
1/29/2006 c6 prin69
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