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9/4/2008 c5 16HarbingerLady
so thrilling
2/4/2008 c5 5mwalker
I'm not usually a big fan of zombie stories, but I find myself liking this one. Keep up the good work.
1/13/2008 c5 StarryEyes14
Hey, this is a really fantastic story! Its very original and you write very well. Please update soon! I love this story!

Much Love Starry,
1/11/2008 c5 15DarKazeura
Oh my god. Oh My Freaking GOD! I love it. *Love* it. Please update soon! I've never read a fic like this before... good job on the original-ness of it... and the humor... I think i'm in love with an inanimate object. Wow... I'm actually very excited about this's been so long since i found something new and exciting on this site. Bravo!
1/9/2008 c1 Berry
Good chapter but I'm kind of worried about Angel and his crew, what happened to them and somehow I don't think the Scoobs are as safe as Buffy thinks. Can't wait for the next chapter.
1/6/2008 c5 11thenextcujo
great chapter very much looking forward to the next one
1/6/2008 c5 Allen Pitt
I sure hope she paid for those artifacts. . Gee, some gnomes just have no luck at all, at all. So hey, the rest of this is simple-get herself and Stephen and those tacky artifacts out of LA alive, back to Sunnydale, Giles does a spell, and...humanity is still 99% wiped out. Huh. Might be a problem there somewhere. Maybe a portal to somewhere safer, like Quortoth...
1/6/2008 c5 lildevil0644
Another great chapter! Can't wait for the next one to come out!
1/3/2008 c4 thenextcujo
excellent story so far, looking forward to more
1/3/2008 c4 Allen Pitt
yikes. Hopefully Angel's gang had the sense to jump for Pylea...though if this is the start of S5, then it's S2 of Angel, and they haven't gone there yet. Oops! Thought I suppose opening a portal & running for it is possible..

One wonders if zombies would go after a vamp...even if they did, it would probably not get infected...there's a chance Angel & company are holed up somewhere...

Even if Buffy gets the key & they do the translation & get rid of the zombies. Things might take days to get back to normal. ...
8/14/2005 c1 lotusblossom
Good start but I agree with the other reviewer that you need to put Buffy/Dawn of the Dead in the summary so more people know just what the stories about.
7/21/2005 c1 20Amber Penglass
This is WONDERFUL! I am really taken aback that there aren't more reviews- I'm thinking that's because of your summary. To be blunt, it's utterly confusing and gives only the barest hint of what kind of crossover this is. You need to actually state 'Buffy/Dawn of the Dead.' Spell it out in this case, don't just juse the initials, since 'DotD' isn't instantly recognizable like 'BtVS' and 'HP' are.

Good luck!

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