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7/8/2014 c8 2KoreanMusicFan
please don't abandon this story!
11/19/2013 c8 xxnarufanxx
very promising! i am looking forward to the next chapter
7/6/2013 c8 duchessme
was that the end?hope interesting..
5/17/2013 c8 4The Almighty Werewolf
this is soooo cool so far, you like have to update soon
12/24/2010 c8 proser132
Oh, Gate, this made me so happy. Really and truly, it did. But by looking at the last update... date, I suppose I can't beg for another. Ah, well; I was never very good at begging, anyway.

I haven't checked your profile, so I don't know if you're still writing, but I'm going to subcribe and all that junk anyway. If you're in a slump, I find that always makes one feel better; and even if you're not in a slump, you're a damn good writer.

Good luck with future projects!

8/9/2010 c8 5Regina Evans
I'm not a yaoi fangirl in the least, but this was quite amusing. It's well writen. You captured their personalities well. I just found myself laughing at Mustang a lot cause he seemed very...girly lol XD But I hope you keep writing. It was a fun read :D
5/21/2010 c8 lex1621
This is hilarious! Please tell me your continuing it, lol.
2/15/2010 c8 2sheepykitty
Aw~ I really love this fanfiction. PLZ KEEP UPDATING :3
11/9/2009 c2 98989898981
Amazingly awesome, I love it so far. Keep up the good work.
11/9/2009 c1 98989898981
great so far.
11/8/2009 c8 solsere
LOVE the relationship progression! Love it. they're so cute. And Ed's maturity is well done! Please please update!
1/25/2009 c8 8MikadzukiOokami
harhar so good. cant wait for an update
12/28/2007 c4 timme
ed dated a far older widow in the other world? dont' really see that happening. and she had to have been a recent widow? why commit to a woman that moves on so easily or quickly or at all, anyway? ed probably would have been for faithful to the whole thing. the roy and hawkeye thing was funny though.
12/8/2007 c8 40Bar-Ohki
This is a really cute fic.
10/21/2007 c8 8Just-Lynn-10310
omg you need to update ..i mean really...8 months alomst? sheesh..BTW i love the story anyway and hope you'll continue it soon.LOL i want to read about ed being userd as a foot stool..XD
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