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for Terminator 4: Aftermath

7/13/2009 c11 2joeperrysbabe
A thrilling piece of work! I just spent the whole night reading this and couldn't stop. Awesome job! :)
5/27/2008 c11 6jojobevco
Good Story
1/9/2007 c2 4morromotherofwolves
pretty cool i bit lacking but i do like it
9/25/2005 c5 karatemastr
you could turn this into two moies if you tried. it's long, but worth reading. well done.

didn't Jose die in terminator 3? i know it's easier to take it from the movie, but he did die.
8/30/2005 c11 Anna
Wow. This is the best Terminator fic that I've read so far! I love it! I can't believe that you ended it here -it would be nice to think that the humans defeated the machines. But, how you've ended it is good!

FYI, You made a few spelling/gramatical mistakes, which I think a Beta reader should easily pick up, eg 'loose' should be 'lose' - you could use one in the future?

Love Anna.
8/17/2005 c3 1zerofret
Very good so far!

Here in Chapter 3, I like the way you make the point that John becoming the overall leader was no easy or automatic thing. After Judgment Day there would have been all kinds of people banding together into small groups, each with their own accepted leader. They wouldn't have just handed over authority to John. So the way you detail that suspicion and distrust is excellent. It also highlights the way humans continue to be their own worst enemy even after JD.

Looking forward to reading more!
8/3/2005 c11 Mat
Epic. That's how I would describe this. The whole story covers an immense amount of time, and it is done with great detail and clarity. Very well done.

I love how you name the characters, and continually talk about how individuals are doing certain tasks. Its so resonant when people that we've been reading about suddenly die. There is a sadness there. Fantastic.

I also love how you tie into certain scenes from the films. For eg, the scene where Kyle lost the photograph of Sarah. With your story, there is this extra depth - what Kyle did after the attack, naming other characters you've created in conjunction with the film. Very good indeed.

The weakness was probably the last part, where we skip to 2029. It did seem as though you rushed a little. We had all this great depth, and then suddenly skipped 25 years. There may have been a way where you could have continued the pace, without skipping such a large amount of time.

Also, on a more minor note, the mistakes that you said you might make, did become clearer in this last section. I could pick up on them easier than before. However, that's just because Im a stickler for terminator detail. In terms of your own story, it still worked very well.

Overall, this has to be one of the best fictions Ive ever read, especially concerning that part of the future war. Very well done!
7/27/2005 c1 ncloudo
Oh good god... Never mind timeline or canon I noticed about six historical mistakes in the first paragraph alone. I think its best if I don't read this
7/25/2005 c6 Mat
This just keeps getting better. The amount of detail is staggering. And you stick so closely to what we know about the future war. Very, very well done. I cant wait to read more. I loved the subtle way you dealt with Kyle's birth. This fiction is one that allows those reading it to come up with their own conclusions.

One thing - H/Ks and terminators are two different things. H/Ks never came in the form of humans. H/Ks are the larger machines, such as the ground-based tank, ariel, and flying H/Ks, as well as Centurians etc. Terminators or infiltrators are the human based machines.

Fantastic so far. Please dont stop...

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