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11/26/2006 c7 13Kaouri18
It's been so long since this story was updated. Thank you for updating! I love this story! It's so cute. I really hope that Tsuzuki and Hisoka can finally have a relaxing time together, they deserve it. This story is so sweet and was one of the first fanfiction stories I ever read. Please update soon!

11/25/2006 c7 9freakyvampire
omgsh. i haven't read anything in ages! your story brought me back to reading fanfic again! thank you! ^.^
11/20/2006 c7 2voluptas1
That was good and I really enjoyed it. I'm glad you're updating again.

Btw, yes you can take a plane from Tokyo to Okinawa but it is so exspensive!
11/19/2006 c7 67WingsofSmoke
OH MY GOD! YOU UPDATED! *glomps happily* Yay, you updated, you updated, you updated! I'm so proud of you! And Tsuzuki and Hisoka are on a vacation! Tsuzuki's thinking about sweeping Hisoka off his feet, hmm? *cough and into bed cough* Meh, my perverted mind is so weird... BUT YAY! Tsuzuki's taking it slow with Hisoka and they're relationship is growing. I love this turn of events.

So... when Tsuzuki says he won't let him feel pain, does that mean he'll do... (here comes my perverted mind again) a few "things" to him? Half of me hopes so, but the other half doesn't want Tsuzuki to scare Hisoka. Maybe Tsuzuki should try and introduce each dance step to love making slow over their vacation and see if Hisoka's okay with it. Chances are, though, Hisoka may be scared of it at first, but gradually accept it. But knowing you, you might not want to add such a scene. Aw, well, my mind only wishes.

THANKS FOR UPDATING! You now have three more weeks until I get on your case again

~Saphira Nakare Ruakara

P.S. Sorry I couldn't review this earlier. Had to put my room back together.
11/19/2006 c7 ghanima
well, people in japan usually travel by trains, esp. bullet trains. not by planes.

and a two-bedroom apartment is rented for 55,0 yen in a city in japan, except tokyo.

and i'm glad the manager isn't kenshin himura.
9/16/2006 c6 Alli
This is amazing =D
7/2/2006 c6 WingsofSmoke
I've been submitting review after review for you to update, and you still haven't done it! Why? *begins to cry* Such a great plot should NEVER end like this! NEVER! And I even sent you a signed message for you to update, but you haven't updated since last year! WHY? *cries harder*

(Normally, I wouldn't act like this, but this is a great fic and i can NOT allow you to end it like this!)

-Saphira Nakare Ruakara
7/2/2006 c5 WingsofSmoke
I loved this chapter!

"Uh... Hisoka?"

"Yeah?" (Still blushing)

"Wanna run?"


soo kawaii! you do a wonderful job with this fic! I'm loving it!

-Saphira Nakare Ruakara
7/2/2006 c3 WingsofSmoke
50,0 yen i believe translates into either 50 or five hundred dollars. ^^ I can't remember at the moment. But just a heads up and fact!
5/7/2006 c6 sarion
I love this, it is so adorable with poor hisoka. tsuzuki REALLY needs to break him out.

update PLEASE *wimper*
3/28/2006 c6 102YaoiYaoiYeah
What a sweet chapter! It makes my heart melt. So loving and so tender. So nice to see them together. this really make my day!

You're the best!
3/28/2006 c3 YaoiYaoiYeah
I like the length of the chatpers. This is great. It's keeping me at the edge of my seat. I love it! Wonder where Tsuzuki is taking Hisoka.

going to see now! ^^
3/28/2006 c1 YaoiYaoiYeah
Cool idea! Hisoka in a zoo. I want to know what'll happen to him next.

you always got great story line and plot. I love all the fic you come up with.
10/23/2005 c6 2tsuzukichan8
I like this story so much- please continue! And Tsuzuki is so sweet...
9/6/2005 c6 6mooopower
omg poor Hisoka, the idea of him being in a zoo is awful and sad. I luv ur story so frikkin much! PLZ UPDATE *gets on knees* IM BEGGIN YA!
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