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9/6/2005 c6 9Emi1988
Wonderful! Keep going!
8/26/2005 c6 9freakyvampire
AW! Damn it! Sorry i couldn't review! I was really busy with neopets that i lost track of the Fanfiction. I'll be sure to lyke review for ur stories! uhh...well...uhh...yeah. :P
8/25/2005 c6 Amethyst-eyed Koneko
*winces* Ouch! That hurts my little feelings. *pout* And I quote, "I'm glad Amethyst-eyed Koneko finally realizes that the annoying guards...are supposed to be comic relief". 'Finally'? :( Ow-ie. I do believe I just got called out. I never meant to imply that I didn't get the point you were trying to make with these nazi-ish guards. You just portrayed them to be SO mean that it was kinda disturbing (imho). There were a few times that it seemed this was more an angst/horror story than a romantic drama. *sigh* Oh well. This chappie was cute and fluffy (who doesn't love a little fluffy every now and then?) and I like it a lot. Tsuzuki sure does move fast doesn't he! He's met Hisoka only a few times and already he's in love! It makes me wish that Tatsumi would help Hisoka escape so the lovebirds can be together! Update soon! :D
8/25/2005 c6 16Dahlia's Note
*sigh* aside from the fact that Tsuzuki is paired with Muraki instead of Muraki, I thought this chapter was really cute! *dreaming of Muraki* what? oh yea... please continue!
8/19/2005 c5 Dahlia's Note
Aa Ha! Im reviewing at last! *going crzy* I really like your fic! I really really do! Im gonna read your other story too! I'll review of course... if you read my story "The only one" *evil laugh* just kidding. I'll read your story either way! OK bye bye!

*waves hand like a phycho*
8/19/2005 c3 Dahlia's Note
^ ^ I was kinda hoping for the manager of the zoo to be Muraki ( like a weird twist ) But Im liking this story alot so far.. *on to the next chappie*!
8/18/2005 c4 9freakyvampire
Oh, it sounded like phantom of the opera because uhh...well...the part with Hisoka in the cage thing, it sounded lyke when the phantom himself was in the cage and people laughing at him because he is a freak. I will review for your next chapter. I haven't got to read it yet! SORRY! Gomen-nasai! Well, i realy luv your story! Uhh...slow down on the updates! I need to catch up!

Ja ne!
8/15/2005 c5 thelonechicken13
Aw...blushing 'Soka! Nice chapter, please update! ^_^
8/15/2005 c4 7Yuka Hasumi
hello people... as always, thanks for the reviews! ahh.. finally i understand the phantom of the opera thing... oh well~ must update soon.. lemme think of ideas, hmm.. ^_~
8/13/2005 c1 11LadyYuina
I read your chappy and I thought, wow, you're off to a good start! I just joined myself was going to post a YnM fic also. Keep up the good work! If ya want to write something back my e-mail is: ^^
8/12/2005 c4 Amethyst-eyed Koneko
Kawaii! I love well Tsuzuki and Hisoka are getting along! What is it about Hisoka that just makes him so damned adorable? *glomps Hisoka then sees a too cute Tsu-chan and glomps him too!* (*giggle* I'm a nut!) The crazed armed zoo guards make me laugh now! (Whee! Ya gotta love AU! :D) Update soon! Oh, about the Phantom of the Opera thingy, I can't help you out on that one. I never saw Phantom myself so I have no idea what that has to do with anything. Sorry!

8/12/2005 c4 thelonechicken13
Horay! Another new chapter! *danes* How dare they mistreat Soka-chan? Heh. Anyway, update, pweeze?
8/11/2005 c4 5DreamingToThis
Hey, just wanted to drop in and say I like muchly! *grins* Totally can't wait for the next chapter!

As for the Phantom of the Opera thing, I think they're referring to the Phantom's history. The Phantom was born deformed and (of course) wore a mask. As a child, he was forced to travel with a carnival/circus as one of the sideshow freaks basically. They called him the Devil's Child in the movie, though that's not in the musical. If you ever get the chance to see it, they actually do have a lot more info about the Phantom's past in the movie.

Meh, hope that helps and that I didn't ramble on too much... *blushes, grins* And update soon, 'kay?
8/11/2005 c4 yaoi-hunter
m this is coming out beautifully! but i hope tsuzki could take hisoka away from that horrible place -.-U soon !
8/7/2005 c3 7Yuka Hasumi
US 450? wow... That's a lot.. since when was Tsu so rich, huh? ^_~ Hi, people, the sucky author here.. was the 3rd chapter any better? the next one has a bit more ...uh... love? anyway, thanks again for the reviews!
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