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8/7/2005 c3 16bonbonpich
hey, i don't know what's wrong with the last review, it appeared only just that. what i wanted to say was "funny, that the other reviewer mentioned the story sounds like "phantom of the opera" i was just thinking the same thing too. anyway, i liked how you described Tsuzuki. heh heh, lazy but busy man. poor Hisoka ne? save him Tsu!
8/6/2005 c3 6mooopower
dang this is a sad story. I was gonna thnk of the same thng but u beat me to it lol GOOD JOB! Luv the story.
8/4/2005 c3 9freakyvampire that a bad thing? Iono...It just seems lyke a bad thing taht would happen to poor animal-ish Hisoka...Wel...HOPE U UPDATE SOON and try to get the au thing straight. Hope taht works out too! Ja Ne!
8/3/2005 c3 Meriitite
It's about 450 US dollars.
8/3/2005 c3 3Kikaru-Renji
I thought it was wonderful! Please update soon! ^_^
8/2/2005 c2 9freakyvampire

Haha. That'll b funnE if Tsuzuki was shot n killed. I would b laughing like Muraki. Muahaha. I luv evil...
8/2/2005 c2 16bonbonpich
funny ^_
7/31/2005 c1 15ai-08
mah! Soka-chan ;_; those mean people... grr...
7/30/2005 c2 7Yuka Hasumi
Hi people... I'M SO SORRY u guys think that this chapter is weird... T.T i actually finished this chapter in a few minutes.. ok, heres how it is.. the fanfics that i write are actually based on dreams (weird ones) that i get. and my dreams, for some weird reason, have a narrator in it.. so... i just follow the narrator i guess... i have a good memory of my dreams :P i dunno... anyway, i'm so sorry again.. i had trouble posting the chappie.. it just refused to show up.. anyway, thanks again for the reviews!
7/30/2005 c2 6mooopower
omg poor Hisoka, well at least he has Tsuzuki. This fic is so cute I am loving ir so far, can't wait for thenext chapter!
7/30/2005 c2 Amethyst-eyed Koneko
Hmm. I like this story so don't get me wrong when I say, "What the...?" Ya gotta admit this was a very weird chappie. Zoo security guards pulling guns on visitors to make them leave? Where is this zoo? Baghdad? AU is definitely a strange place! :D Oh, by the way, the way you chose to introduce Tatsumi into the story was very awkward. It totally interrupted the flow of the story. Other than this, I loved the story and eagerly await the next chappie!

P.S. Sorry if I hurt your feelings with any of this but these were my first impressions of things. Gomen nasai!
7/30/2005 c2 3Kikaru-Renji
Ohh it so good! I really want to read more! Please update soon! ^_^
7/27/2005 c1 9freakyvampire
Hmm...weird place for Hisoka to be in...hmm...good plan thou! But it sounds lyke Phantom of the Opera! Seriously! But it is good...update soon! I read ur review for my story, and decided to read your story, as promised, i reviewed! I'll keep updating for you, and u keep on updating for me! kk. Ja ne!
7/27/2005 c1 7Yuka Hasumi
haha... thanks people! i seriously didn't think anyone was going to review this fic.. my second fic (cherries!) is out.. hope it does as well as this one! i'll update this fic soon, don't worry! thanks again!
7/26/2005 c1 1Smash Something
Kya~! You HAVE to continue this! It's a really cute fic! and I bet that it will become an awesome fan fic! ^_^ CONTINUE!
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