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9/12/2005 c6 25Akira of the Twilight
Akira: *pokes unconscious Rei* ... Come on dude I need you to wake up so I can use you in one of my fanfics.

Rei: *still unconscious*

Akira: *anger mark* Baka neko-jin.

Mimi: Aki-chan you know you shouldn't call people names.

Akira: *side glances at Mimi* I'll do as I please.

I loved this chapter and why do I get the feeling that the blonde is Max? *huggles Ryo* He's so cute I just want to love him to little bits.
9/12/2005 c6 2Rai and Key
Kaikao: Poor Rei! Hit by a boomerang...that's like me playing football and my victim is ususally Reion.

Reion: That's why I told you to not join the football team...other than that you are an uke, so it'll be kinda bad.

Kaikao: I'N NOT AN UKE!

Reion: xD Sure, sure..

Kaikao: You're the uke cause you're a girl!

Reion:...And I still hate you for it. -Smacks Kaikao- Anywho, I love how your fic is going, Mimi-Chan. :3 Ryo is so lovable! -Hugs Ryo-

Kaikao: -Gaps- You hugged him..instead of me?..-Cries-

Reion: . You moron. -Pats Kaikao's head- Stop being such a baby...besides, Ryo gets extra care cause he's such a little cutey! -Huggles Ryo-

Kaikao: Ah, you're stool hours are bad..me and Reion's start at 9:05 and ends at 3:05. Poor Mimi-Chan. -Hugs Mimi-

Reion: xD Now I want to try and draw Ryo-Chan! He ish adorable and cute! x3 -Still hugging Ryo-

Kaikao:...WILL YOU STOP? I'm feeling jealous. .

Reion: ...-Continues to hug and snuggle Ryo-
8/9/2005 c5 25Akira of the Twilight
*smirks evilly* I get the inside joke. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Mimi: O.O! Meep! *ducks and hides*

Akira: *clears throat* I really need to stop hanging out with May.

I like how you introduced Tyson in this chapter, and I can't wait to see how the other characters will enter this story. I hope you update soon.

May: *smirking* Review to chapter four.

Akira: *breaks down and cries* I'M SO SORRY! How could I even think of saying such a thing. While in the end it would have been a compliment but I still remember when I first meet Travis and he called me that. I swear I went into shock for a minute.

Mimi: *blushing at thought* Didn't he also ask for your hand in marriage?

Akira: Yes and want to know what sucks, I told my parents and they didn't give a rat's ass that someone wanted to marry me! And I was only in high school too!

Well Mimiko I shall hunt my friend down and skin him alive since he is the reason why I was about to say something so nice but embarrassing!
8/9/2005 c4 Akira of the Twilight
Oh sure... Kai says he he'll leave once they reach the Kairon Desert, but I bet he'll meet Tyson and Tyson will want to help, so he'll continue to help just to keep Tyson happy.

Mimi: Aki-chan you really should keep your predictions to yourself. I don't mean to be rude but I'm... well...I *blushes*

Akira: Aw *huggles*


Mimi: *sweat drop* Uh sorry about Kira-chan acting weird Mimiko. She must be channling Travis again just like that day in drama class. *looks off in the distance remembering that day*

Akira: MIMIKO YOU S- *May apears and knocks Akira out*

May: *breathing hard* That was a close one. If she continued that sentence then... Oh damn it! I should have had her say it! Then this Mimiko girl would think she's a freak and leave her alone.

Akira: *wakes up* Huh? What was I doing? ... Well Mimiko while I try to regain my memory keep up the good work.
8/9/2005 c3 Akira of the Twilight
*gasp* A new muse! Hi Rin! Nice to meet you!

Yeah horse can suck at times.

May: *growling* Damn Anita Bug, and damn Aaron.

Mimi: Who are they?

Akira: Anita Bug was a horse May and I rode and no matter how hard you kicked she would move so slow I think a turtle could win a race against her. Aaron thuogh is another horse who tried to kick Daisy, the horse I loved to ride.

See Ya in the next chapter Mimiko!
8/9/2005 c2 Akira of the Twilight
Hi Mimiko!

Mimi: I thought her name was Mimi?

Akira: It is but this way no one gets confused about who I'm talking to.

I wish I brave enough to put myself into one my own fics like you Mimiko. Honestly I have no back bone. T.T Maybe that's why May hates me?

May: ... I have many reasons. So many reasons that if I were to list them you would die of old age only one fourth of the way down the list.

Akira: *sarcasm* Boy you can just feel the love between us can't you?

Well I got three more chapters to read so I better start reading them.
8/9/2005 c5 2Rai and Key
Kaikao: Woot! -Goes into closet with Mimi- X3

Reion: Oi! Not yet! -Pulls Kaikao out-

Kaikao: -Pouts- Meany...Well dear cousin, another beautiful fic. :3

Reion: Yep! =^-^= I wuv it so much!

Kaikao: Hopefully you'll update soon. Heehee. X3

Reion: I agree with Mimiko, this will be some adventure. X3 Though I'm wondering where Rei and Max are...Eheh. :3

Kaikao: I know where they are!..They're in the closet making out. O.o

Reion: O.O...Oh my..
8/4/2005 c4 Rai and Key
Kaikao: Aw, your poor hamster...I know what can make you update faster! -Grabs and duck tapes Inuyasha- Now Mimi-San, you must update or...Inuyasha will be give to someone else...Like Kogome!

Reion: You know, Kaikao, you're going to make Mimi-Kun very mad at you.

Kaikao: -Pouts- But I really love this fic and the other ones Mimi-San has...So if I have to kidnap Inu-Kun, then so be it!

Reion: Well you're on your own to suffer Mimi-Kun's rath.

Kaikao: :3 Aw she wouldn't hurt her dear cousin...Hopefully. O.o
8/4/2005 c4 HMHawk
Gah, no! You can't lock up my Maxie! I'm reviewing, I'm reviewing!

Lol, this was good, I enjoyed it! ^^ Keep up the great work and update soon!
7/27/2005 c3 Rai and Key
Kaikao: *Glomps Ryo* He ish co cute!

Reion: O.o..*Backs away from Kaikao* Kai is so mean...Oh well, what can you expect from a sourpuss?

Kai: *Glares at Reion*

Reion: Meep! *Hides behind Max*

Kaikao: *Blinks*...FATHER! *Puts Ryo down softly then tackles Kai*

Kai: Stupid brat, let me go!

Reion: Eheh...*Backs away* Well Mimi, hope you update soon! We love your fic! =^-^=
7/27/2005 c2 Rai and Key
Kaikao: Once again, cousin love, you have made another beautiful chapter. =^-^=

Reion: And we still have one other chappie to read! Fwee!

Kaikao: So, on to the next chapter! See ya later cousin. *Glomps Mimi*
7/27/2005 c3 HMHawk

You got a flame? Why! This story is to good to flame! Flamers are just jelious of your writing skills!

Again, this story is great, keep it up!
7/27/2005 c2 HMHawk
Yah, updates! Thank you! yeah for nymphs! Ooh, goodie! I love Ma Re and TyKa fics! It's the best pairing in the world! ^^

Anyway, this is a fantastic fic, please update soon!
7/26/2005 c1 1Frost Britten Angel
sounds interesting so far please update
7/26/2005 c1 HMHawk
Hey, this is awesome! ^^ It's really great, please update soon!
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