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for Disney Mainia and The Waesley Concert

6/25/2006 c1 8CodeRomance
oops i forgot to put my opinion in so i guess it sounds good! but i already reviewed for the other chaps, but is stand by me a disney song and whats a journey to the past? actually some of these i might not know cuz if they are from disney cds done by famous people like hilary duff or araon carter or something like that then i will not know them but ya! sounds great!
6/25/2006 c7 CodeRomance
you know you could have picked a different song for them like love will find a way from lion king 2! but it doesnt matter really it was still good!
6/25/2006 c6 CodeRomance
ah that was sweet!
6/25/2006 c5 CodeRomance
ha that was funny!
6/25/2006 c3 CodeRomance
love that song! got ot sing along to it! very good loved it!
6/25/2006 c2 CodeRomance
ok this wierd but cool! um just to be curious out of all the songs you picked i didnt know where this one comes from? wat movie is it from?
4/11/2006 c6 anonymous
It's a Harry Potter musical...with songs from Disney movies. Umm... it's...original? That's really all I can say about it.

4/11/2006 c6 2Zoran
aw, this is really cute and touching! Just like all your chapters, I can't wait for more! I love the weasleys and I love slibling fics. So keep it up. You are really great. Good idea with the disney songs *SMILE*
4/11/2006 c1 21keitaya
not a bad story... but alot of the songs are not Disney...
1/22/2006 c4 12Elizabeth Theresa
Good job with these! They're cute, and just fun! I especially liked the bit about Harry's birth.
1/5/2006 c5 36SongOfStars

it only needs one E at the end...hermione

anyway...i love song fics! about time ron won for once! lol

as for ideas...hmm...AH! beauty & the beast

beast would be remus of course. & beauty would be whoever you have him with...or if you dont have someone for him then i guess just tonks like in the books.

or sirius...tehehe
12/13/2005 c5 8Corvis Greenleaf
Omg, these are cute! I can't wait for the next one!
9/24/2005 c4 3exquisiteabyss
this story is very interesting! I love the songs! please update I love disney songs! and disney movies! Please update! great story!
8/10/2005 c3 5dogbert-day
AW! Bless! This is so cute! I love it! He needs the love of his family and its so great that they give it to him! The Ron Percy hug almost made me cry! C'est fantastique! x
7/28/2005 c2 Myoh
You write very sentimental-ish fics, and that's nice! The fandom lacks that genre of fic. But I think you should get a beta-reader, you know, someone to read and grammar/spell-check your stories. Because I've noticed you really don't like commas at all, which makes your story hard to follow at times, since it's extremely tiring to read a single line. Just a tip, though. :]
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