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3/30/2019 c1 alexandre.josedecarvalho.7
Justice League International

Hello ! My name is Alexandre José de Carvalho am natural Brazilian city of Guarulhos State of Sao Paulo Brazil . I went mainly for my interest in the fanfictions series of Justice League International because that was simply my favorite stage I simply consider the best phase of the Justice League .It's pretty cool to imagine back those times with a new more dynamic and powerful version of the JLI. I always wondered what would be my "dream teams" of superheroes and super heroines international if by chance I could choose the members of the Justice League International. I know that in the current phase of the DC Universe there is no more JLI but so what? Make a new version of the title with the same sense of humor, and brainless fresh head of sitcons of humor and movies nonsense hours balls still I feel very fascinated with the idea particularly because I'd love to see back a new version of JLI but with a lighter spirit, comical and relaxed as the stories of the League of Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis. It was for me a wonderful stage where it was possible to make think of a superhero team with the same spirit of the Silver Age and their absurd stories full of villains who not took seriously, the cartoon of the Super Friends today occupies a permanent place in my heart with its simple plots where it was easy to define "good" and "evil," "right" and "wrong" with fanciful sagas full of colorful allegories Silver age of Super-heroes of DC Comics in which the villains were not monsters so absurdly evil that gave no other choice to the heroes in addition to "kill them", the heroes could always beat them and never needed to go to the extreme of taking their lives to punish them for their actions. I remember how wonderful it was to read the JLI and give a good laugh with the antics of the duo "Blue" and "Gold" and imagine how Batman would for the knockout Guy Gardner again, or what new situation nonsense authors would place JLI? It was a brief but unforgettable stage I keep longing. It is so wonderful for me to see a fanfic writer be willing to write a new comics series of JLI. I'm so excited that not wanting getting put me but I still I have some suggestions to give you on the "basis of future operations" of its staff and a list (huge that you DO NOT NEED WHATSOEVER follow if you do not want) to members JLI. Anyway I wish you much success with the DC Universe Rebirth project . And before I forget: "Bwah-ha-ha-ha !"

The Hall of Justice International

The Hall of Justice International is a sentient citadel flying antigravity spaceship multidimensional and a member of (as well as home base and vehicle for) The Justice League International. It is 85 miles high, 60 miles long, 6 miles wide and exists outside of space and time. It is capable of traversing "The Rainbow", which is the "hypertime space" between alternate universes. It can open Doors anywhere on the planet to allow The Justice League International to get where they need to be quickly.

Justice League International

Icon / Augustus Freeman IV (The Justice League has to have a "Superman" to save the day and to put the house in order and take care of this "bunch of kids" and that is also the target of all possible jokes - [type Mary Marvel hit a shot in the bag, Lobo fill of blows and sweep the floor for five USA states with his face, Blue Beetle hold of a paper written "kick me" back] -by being "too politically correct" then in the absence of Superman, Icon is perfect for the "Man of Steel Black Afro-American" of Justice League that constantly asks: "My God what am I doing here ?")

Mary Marvel / Mary Batson

Captain Atom (Nathaniel Christopher Adam) Quantum God Almighty Manipulator of energy and matter of JLI equivalent to Doctor Manhattan of Watchmen.

Green Lantern / Guy Gardner

Blue Beetle / Ted Kord (new possessor of scarab symbiont Khaji-Da that comfere of he a symbiotic exoskeleton as he did with Jaime Reyes due to scientific knowledge Ted Kord can make a much better use and more effective and efficient than Jaime Reyes of exoskeleton symbiotic ).

Booster Gold / Michael Jon Carter superhero official representative of Canada from the 25 century in the JLI.

Batman / Bruce Wayne

Black Canary / Dinah Lance

Flash / Wally West

Mister Miracle / Scott Free

Power Girl / Kara Zor-L / Karen Starr

Red Star / Leonid Konstantinovitch Kovar of Russia

Martian Manhunter / J’onn J’onzz of Mars

Crimson Fox / (Unknown) of France

Fire / Beatriz Bonila da Costa of Brazil

Ice / Tora Olafsdotter of Norway

Thor (of DC Comics) the God of Thunder Original 1st World of Jack Kirby Gods Nordic Original representative of Germany

Powers and Abilities


Immortality: Thor as the other members of the Norse pantheon does not age and is immortal unless physically killed by divine means.

Durability Superhuman: Thor is able to face powerful beings as Big Barda in armed combat and remain unscathed

Superhuman Stamina: the Stamina and Thor resistance are on a divine level, allowing he to go toe-to-toe with Big Barda.

Superhuman strength: Thor has sufficient physical strength to act as a worthy opponent for the New God Big Barda and match her blow for blow. The strength of the Big Barda is in the megaton range, almost at the limit of Wonder Woman's strength is easily able to lift or push a weight exceeding 100 tons, which means their strength is at the same level, if not higher.

Elemental Control: Thor can manipulate climate patterns on planets and create violent storms of thunder and lightning. Thor limitations with this ability, if any, are unknown.

Climate manipulation: able to create a raging storm in New Genesis

Eletrokinesis: As the God Nordic Thunder, Thor can use his hammer to channel lightning thousands of powerful volts of electricity against their opponents


Fight hand-to-hand (Advanced)

Weaponry (Hammer)

Note: This character exist really he even fight with Big Barda at the time that the New Gods were written and drawn by John Byrne.

Silver Sorceress / Laura Cynthia Neilsen

The “Feiticeira de Prata” or “Silver Sorceress” is a member of super team The Assemblers of World of Angor. I would find it very cool if The Silver Sorceress back to life as part of my heart the tragic and sad way she had to die at the end of the arc of stories "Justice League Breakdowns" for me it would be one of the super heroines classical that make up the Justice League International plus Blue Jay your mate. For the explanation I give to "how" he was able to resurrect basically be the same kind of explanation as Wanda Maximoff the Scarlet Witch was able to return. His powers have grown to such a level that she would have been able to "resurrect itself" with its new powers of control quantum Silver Sorceress the first time that appeared was of If a mutant “sorceress of chaos” as powerful as Wanda Maximoff the Scarlet Witch of the Avengers with the same exact mutant powers to create “spheres Hexes” and control the magic of chaos and use it for a virtually unlimited range of powers that allow she to face the Scarlet Witch in absolute equality of powers. At the stage of JLI however they “disconsider” this and determined that she was a true sorceress like Zatanna user of white magic and a powerful mage though not “unbeatable” with a physical disability to have “monochromatic vision” and can only see in black and white and unable to distinguish colors with vision . The version I imagined of Silver Sorceress, is one Mutant Witch, possessing both the mutant gene, as talent for magic. Initially his powers were manipulation of the probabilitys and can create surreal events that had not many chances to happen alone. She was able to deflect objects and attacks, create flash fire or rust metals, and other unlikely events.

Later, his powers have evolved to colossal levels when Silver Sorceress was shown able to control quantum probabilities (one of the most powerful forms of energy) and through his magic, she used to control such power, which became the Magic Quantum Mechanics: A source of power she used to change all is able to see all quantum realities and choose the one that happens.

Silver Sorceress is so powerful that she is able to raise the dead, as she did with his world destroyed by a nuclear holocaust and herself who had died facing the villain Extremist Dreamslayer as well as all his team mates “The Assemblers” , can erase beings of the existence or create life from nothing.

She is said that his power is capable of infinite and unimaginable events, so much that the villain Extremist Lord Havok desire to have for he that power.

In addition to these powers, she also features the intermediate level of Magic teachings taught by “Doctor Enigma” the Sorcerer Supreme of Angor and her guardian: the elderly Witch Amanda Halliwell, being able to fly, teleport, generate force fields, control gravity , magnetism, the speed of people or objects, inertia, light, heat, time, space, atomic particles that make up matter, channel your energy and project plasma blasts, transmute people, objects, vehicles or creatures what they want (from a rock an eagle, a T-Rex in a lizard, a Dragon in a cockroach a skyscraper in mercury, a platoon of marines soldiers using heavy weapons in a, lot of men, dressed in Hawaiian shirts, with slippers and sunglasses and holding beer cans instead of automatic rifles, jet air fighters in giant paper airplanes and heavy tanks in gigantic constructions made of lego kit form), “Destroy and Rebuild” the own reality and also the powers of clairvoyant, astral projection, create any supernatural creature that your mind can conceive of several other skills, giving she a range of unimaginable power their spells. More recently she started to have the ability to manipulate minds and also pyrokinesis and telekinesis, as we can see when she uses her power against the “Havokbots” of Lord Havok.

Silver Sorceress was coached by Batman and Black Canary in hand-to-hand combat, and also learned combat strategies, becoming a great strategist, and is the nexus of the realities of the Multiverse in your world of Angor, in which all the same is attached to she. Silver Sorceress also has the ability to take advantage of telepathy, and among others psychic powers.

Blue Jay / Jay Abrams

Shortly after the battle against the Omega Man and Blue Jay having jumped through the portal generator to search for a world in the multiverse he could call "his" he eventually arrived in the Psychic Nexus of the Multiverse a plan formed by the sum of all psychic realities Of creation, there Blue Jay met a Secret Order ... all of them were psychic angels .. and they decorated their bodies with special symbols and tattoos ... he trained with the order and became a "Gladiess Deix" of this becoming also A Psychic Angel but eventually deserted from it for disagreeing with his ultra-extreme methods in dealing with justice ... he rejoined JLI and joined his former companion Silver Sorceress who had been brought back to life by his own Powers of manipulating the quantum probabilities of reality that allowed her to resurrect herself as well as her entire destroyed world of Angor and his teammates The Assemblers ... thanks to the help of the JLI they defeated the Inquisitors sent by the Order of Psychic Angels to kill Blue Jay and once again together they rejoined JLI ... the two are now a little red Sorting out what it means to be alive and united again ... He and Silver Witch then settled as British citizens and were naturalized citizens of England being recognized as the two superheroes representing the United Kingdom in the JLI. Blue Jay finally discovered that the " World that he can call his "is the one where his friends are.

Powers and Abilities

Not the term of comparison between the former Blue Jay and the current Blue Jay. Previously just having the power to shrink in size and grow wings that allowed it to fly at moderate speed. No longer . Now as a Psychic Angel Blue Jay can manifest psychic wings possesses the power of telepathy, he can read and project his thoughts over long distances; Can control 1001 minds at a time; Dominate and effect other powers; Affect the memory of people; To design psycho-optical bursts capable of disabling the nerve centers of the synapses of the brains of the enemies; Projecting psychic waves and generating psychic confusion that can stun, injure or kill other people. He can also project his astral form into the astral body of other people on the astral plane. He can scan entire cities with his mind, and flip through the psyches of the residents of a city to find out about their condition or intentions. He can also probe individuals to check up in his state and materialize in his hand a gladiator sword of psychic energy capable of provoking both physically and mentally lethal damage on opponents ... He has the psychic power to fly thanks to his psychic wings if Teleport and can use telekinesis that allows him to move with the strength of the mind his opponents paralyzing them or throwing them in the distance besides manipulating several objects telelectically. As Gládios Deix of the Order of Psychic Angels Blue Jay received training in far more direct, extreme and deadly combat techniques than the ones he used to wear which makes him a dangerous opponent even more utilizing his powers in conjunction with his physical combat skills.

Tasmanian Devil (Hugh Dawkins) of Australia


The origins of Hugh Dawkins' abilities are unknown (he once claimed that his mother was a were Tasmanian devil who raised him in a Tasmanian Devil cult who gave him a Tasmanian Devil amulet and sold his soul to a Tasmanian Devil after injecting him with radioactive Tasmanian Devil musk from a race of alien Tasmanian Devils. It can be safely assumed, however, that he was joking). Whatever their source though, he used them to become Australia's foremost superhero, and a founding member of the Global Guardians. Originally, Hugh appeared to be a normal man with the ability to increase his size and mass and who wore an all concealing black bodysuit; however, in recent years, possibly due to the effects of the Dominators' Meta-Gene bomb, he has actually transformed into a gigantic, fur covered Tasmanian Devil.

Hugh worked with the Global Guardians for some time, at one point teaming up with Infinity Inc alongside them (on which occasion, he went through a phony wedding with Yolanda Montez, the second Wildcat, while on a case). Following the dissolution of the Guardians, Hugh joined the Justice League International for a time, and later the Ultramarine Corps. He rejoined the Global Guardians when they reformed, but was later attacked and skinned by the villain Prometheus, who turned his pelt into a rug. Hugh was believed dead, but had in fact been placed in stasis by Prometheus, and he has since been fully healed after being immersed in a fountain of youth. Hugh has since returned to Australia.


Tasmanian Devil has the power to transmute by concentrating his human body into a giant beast like a giant therianthrope Were-Tasmanian Devil. In this way his physical strength Increase The meta-human proportions and he is Able to raise or pressed more than 97 tonnes, he Also Becomes semi-invulnerable and withstand most of the more powerful attacks based on power, psyche and strength but not magic . Their claws and fangs are capable of inflicting damage even in the meta-humans Superman, Captain Marvel, Black Adam and Martian Manhunter. Also he has an awesome power That Rarely use called "Cry of Evil" which is a terrifying scream Can shatter the soul of the victim. Being an openly gay Despite Taz has nothing in his character stating he That Is Being Gay That he is not a "Homosexual Stereotyped" (behavior "effeminate") and even very masculine and manly attitudes.


Hugh is one of the few openly gay superheroes, though this did not stop him from flirting with Yolanda Montez the Wildicat II .

Thundermind / Zou Kang of China

Vixen / Mari Jiwe McCabe superheroine, of Zambesi Africa representative in JLI

Animal Man / Buddy Baker

B'Wana Beast / Michael Payson Maxwell also known as "The White God of Kilimanjaro" is the representative superhero South Africa in JLI .B'wana Beast possesses great strength, speed, hand-to-hand combat and hunting and tracking abilities. He also has the ability to communicate with animals. He also has the ability to merge two animals together to form a chimera or (how he puts it) he merges the best of two different things to create an unstoppable force. He can merge up to four things together which can include a human, but this requires great concentration. He can also undo the merge if the need arises. For the most part, once these animals are merged, B'wana is able to acquire their aid in situations of need. Whether this is due to his ability to communicate with them or an instinct on their part is not known.

Anansi the Spider / Kwaku Anansi of Ghana Africa , African superhero with powers of illusion beyond proportional abilities of a spider similar to a "right arachnid superhero" of "Marvelous Competitor" of DC Comics.

Sirocco / Khalid superhero, elementalist of Air, of Iran with the same exact powers of the Red Tornado representative of Iran at the JLI.

Fireball / Malak Al-Maut / Sami Mousawi Iraq superhero meta-human Muslim Iraquian with the exact same powers of Magma of New Mutants of Marvel Comics to mentally control the lava and volcanic magma and tectonic movements of the inner layers of the Earth's nucleus as well as involve your body with a coating of molten magma and project flaming magma bursts is the official superhero representative of Iraq at the JLI.

Green Lantern / Simon Baz is a Palestinian Green Lantern he is "Rambo to the contrary" the Arab who gives a nice kick to the rear of the Americans and who puts the whole US army to run from Lebanon with his tail between his legs. Obvious ... guess what his coexistence with Mister "Guy 'John Wayne' Gardner" in JLI?.Superhero Palestinian official representative in JLI.

Seraph / Chaim Lavon is a Jewish meta-human of Jerusalem, who has a vast psychic ability to manipulate and change reality. Seraph also possessed telepathic abilities. His powers of manipulation of reality enable him to transmute matter and bend the laws of physics according to his imagination within a certain distance. Using this power, he can easily transform a building into a liquid, turn a vehicle into a swarm of bees that attack his mental command, turn energy into matter, manipulate time, or take a meta-human out of his metahuman powers. He often reverses local gravity, opens cracks in the ground, and extends people painfully into liquid forms (they return to normal when he no longer concentrates on manipulating their bodies) can control gravity, magnetism, radio particles, quantum field , To desatomize physical bodies of human beings and meta-humans by disintegrating them completely, to cross solid objects, to see in all the wavelengths of the spectrum, to control the speed of objects or people beyond their weight, size, atomic composition, being In many places in space at the same time, decelerate freeze and reverse time, fly, create constructs of any kind of matter and energy, among other wonders. Seraph's abilities to change reality depend on his line of sight: if he changes his vision to another object and decides to deform it, the previous object he was deforming will return to normal. Seraph also occasionally exhibited some telepathic powers, memory Perfect, and the ability to mentally download information from a can become a be made of energy at will. Seraph has sometimes exhibited the ability to transport himself inter-dimensionally, but it is unknown whether he can always do so. Seraph, despite his gigantic powers, does not see himsel
10/8/2015 c4 dragonlovewater
I love!love!loved! this story I think the plot was deep and meaningful and the ending just touched my heart, I also really like James Herriot :), thanks for this tail with the little inserts of J'Ohn talking and all the wonderfulness :)
5/7/2014 c4 Reyna
i am so impressed with this, especially considering i always thought your other fanfictions were only decent, [no offense], but this one really touched me. But that's probably because i ship BB/Ice and Booster/Fire, but otherwise, i think you worked harder on this one to make it more inspiring than the other ones.
5/7/2014 c4 Cathy
I have never read such a complete, accurate, and amazingly plotted fanfiction. Good job, you have nailed all of their personalities, found an amazing idea, and used the best words to describe this idea. The whole time I was imagining this could have been an actual cartoon, and unlike other stories, I actually saw it! I could barely get my eyes off my laptop, I've got give you a round of applause. Great job!
4/16/2013 c4 guest
Make Beetle kiss Bea great story btw.
12/22/2012 c2 105Khiori
Gotta love friends like this, lol. So well written!
12/22/2012 c1 Khiori
Hilarious-this very much reminds me of college Christmases, lol. The personalities and dialogue is just priceless, witty and real. They truly sound like people who spend basically all their time together, something between fellow heroes and family. You really caught everything just right, the details are perfect. Love it.
12/17/2009 c4 4The Wakka Man
Magnificent. MAGNIFICENT.

I think I'm a bit overwhelmed. You captured every single character's personality PERFECTLY, the dialogue's authentic, the plot's authentic, and weaving in and out of the various viewpoints was masterfully set up and executed.

There are a few minor spelling mistakes...

You know what? Forget 'em. This is the best JLI fanfic I have EVER read. Thank you.
12/6/2007 c4 2Corinto
Just finished reading everything you got up at

This is definitely my favorite one. I liked the five of them, but this, this is… amazing. Due to the publishing lag between US and Brazil, I grew up reading JLI, and it was exactly as you wrote it.

You wrote the characters as themselves, not merely pawns to advance a plot which is terribly common, even with professionals. They were properly placed in time PG in the first BB/PG story is much less in control of her temper than in the second one – as she was and is written. Also during the beginning of this story I felt you disliked Guy and kicked him off the stage – a device to keep him away from others. You kept him in the story, but marginally. I was wrong. The Tora/Guy interaction (inebriated or not) on the last chapter was exactly as it should be and reminded me of the date story, one of my favorites stories to this day.

Most people won’t comment on this but your use of English is very good.

So, thank you, for sharing these stories.
7/15/2007 c1 7Ember Koramin
This is just really great. I've read a lot of stories on this site, but even when I like then I usually find something to criticize. Not here. Your writing style and the way you portray the characters is just super, with a good bit of humor thrown in. The parts with J'onn's dreams and when he shares that thought is just so HIM. Thank you much. ^_^
10/5/2006 c4 54LunaticFridgeDiva

that was beautiful!
10/4/2006 c2 LunaticFridgeDiva
cheeky little buggars they are... Fire and Booster that is...
9/23/2006 c4 400Amarin Rose
I love love loved this beyond all reason. J'onn's thoughts really tied everything together, and it was wonderful to see into his psyche.
6/20/2006 c4 18CRose
That was a lot of fun to read. You really do like Beetle quite a bit. And only one mention of Power Girl in the whole story.

8/22/2005 c4 Goph
Oh, wow, Blu- this is beautiful.

Tora's line to Bea stung. It was surely meant to. I kept waiting for a similar Ted line.

You have such a perfect take on all of the JL characters. I've never read J'onn written as well, and the final scene of them opening presents is touching, funny and just right.

I'm just sad to see it end.
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