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for All The Things That I Once Was

3/9/2006 c1 6Panda Pocky
You're quite talented, I loved all of your Sasu/Saku oneshots! This one is my favoutite though, I love it! Keep up the good work =3
2/15/2006 c1 2HeartAngel
Its going on my fav list.
11/17/2005 c1 FarewellMyDearestMeian
That's rather sad... but I like the story. Nicely done.
8/7/2005 c1 1Airen-kun
wow. nicely done. short and sweet, the way it should be.
8/1/2005 c1 freakenout
hey i liked it. it was great. is there more or just that. ? if there is UPDATE and if it isnt next time put Fin. XDD
7/30/2005 c1 KathrineakaAemkeanotloggedin
when i said sweet i meant great
7/29/2005 c1 10Sakurachild
angsty, and deff well written. good job!
7/29/2005 c1 animeforever24
nice one-shot...for one that u didn't even think y u wrote it anywas nice..
7/29/2005 c1 Ruriko89
That was so wonderful. When are you going to make another fic again?
7/29/2005 c1 8Mauslidl

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