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for A Bad Ass Hanyou Girl

3/31/2016 c1 3Talawolfgirl
PLEASE CONTINUE **Begs and activates puppy dog eyes at MAX STRENGTH**
9/22/2007 c1 1Inuyasha05
Great start to your story! I can't wait till the next chapter!

8/2/2007 c1 3lovely123
i like so far
2/27/2007 c1 13the-real-Inu-Girl
lol whattype of kinergadner says ass? lol update soon!
9/13/2006 c1 sesslover116
Look Jim, You can't tell me what to do! HEE. Dude I got 61 review . I'm in my word processing class. I have a comp.

Jim! Jim! Jim! Jim! Jim!

hay I had roy in one of my of my class. But he drop from the class. A-hole . My teacher just bocked my sreen. like mr. perterson dose! Would you up date ! jeez Jim you suck !

Tell Chis I said Hi, Sesshy hot
8/4/2006 c1 5sesslover101
Yes, it would be Great IF YOU UP DATED JJ OR JIM

7/21/2006 c1 yo homie
4/19/2006 c1 MmMg
hey just wanted to leave you a message about your review for household love. The plot's actually really similar to a korean drama called Full House. The plot's unique enough that I can say that's where the author probably got it from. You should really check out the drama it's hilarious and it was pretty popular in korea at the time. They've got some pretty famous stars in that drama and I can see how the author relates each of the characters to inuyasha, the characteristics are way similar so if you liked her story you'll love this drama. That's all since I read you wanted to know where she may have gotten the story idea.
4/9/2006 c1 InuExtreminator
its good
3/10/2006 c1 1Jemzet A Heart Broken Angel
hgsoehgfkludskrjnaksuvyidnt jcyvnemthxcf,jl,ngflkmfjbkjcfgmnkdzhzdfnk.jchvgdnmxchvhdfja
12/8/2005 c1 2it's all or nothing
Hey Punk Lover its a good story so far and you're getting the right idea.
11/20/2005 c1 wHeN yOu AdMiT yOuR wRoNg I'lL aDmIt I'm RiGhT
can u review soon
11/11/2005 c1 12Ryuchi-The Gothic Skater Punk
Update! This story is the bom! I love it I'll bother you all the time just so you can update!
10/23/2005 c1 1heavens lil cherry
OMG I LUVED IT SO FAR and i c that u havn't updaed in like forever but plzz update soon! like u know A/S/A/P?plzz? pweety pweez wif sugar on top?lol but seriously plzz update soon!
10/9/2005 c1 Ryuchi
I'll E-mail you if you don't update son!
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