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for Pardon From An Angel

7/29/2010 c7 2blondebabe800
Wow. This was really good. I really felt like I was there!
6/14/2006 c7 7Sadistic Fox
Great job, Kris. This one just got better and better as it went on.

I particularly liked the last two chapters. The ending was great, I loved how it was written and unexpected. The whole time I was wondering how he was going to get away from Claude, and then boom. Ending. (Not going to leave spoilers on the review page)

The chapter before that was really good, and I liked the action a lot. The whole Love Media raid part was great, but I've always wondered... it seems as if a person falling into a helicopter's blades would damage the helicopter. But hey, I don't know these things and besides, it's fiction!

Good job actually finishing something, too. Keep up the good work, and start writing more. It's time for our comebacks you... you bastard.
4/13/2006 c7 Aaron Gamemaster
Excellent, that was spectacular. Awesome ending, this fic is surley one to be proud of. Very well-written, Excellent tie ins with GTA3.

Sorry it took me so long to read it... but the good news is, my novel is now completely planned out. I am going to re-write the first chapter (the one posted on fictionpress), and yes, I am still revising LCL... but don't expect to see it too soon. My break is ending here in a few days, so that will slow things down much more. But I expect when summer arrives, this will get up to speed again.


2/25/2006 c7 2xXx Tinkies xXx
Great story! Seriously! The descriptions were frickin' amazing, including all the action-packed parts, like in Chapter 6! You are a very talented writer, so keep up the EXCELLENT AWESOMENESS! I look forward to reading more stories, hopefully! ^_^
2/24/2006 c7 Phoenix Master
very, very good. extremely well written, intruiging and intense. i loved it. this is some great work and i would spend pages and pages giving praise, but let this paragraph be it.

Peace, home-slice

~ Jamie
2/23/2006 c7 Sireniris
That was brilliant. What an ending. What a fucking ENDING.

No hollywood bullshit here. I have never enjoyed an original fic more. Well done, a truly great epilogue.

*Claps and cheers* Take a bow sir, and shove this peice of fiction in the face of other authors on this site. Show them how it's done.

It's odd, because some of the best writing on this site, in my opinion, is in the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' section. Honestly, some of it's brilliant. It's been around for a while, the show I mean, and the best writers are 20/30 years old or older.

I think this could rival some of their work. You could very well be the best GTA writer on this site. In fact, you probably are. I don't even count that as an opinion.

Well done again. I cannot WAIT for more.
2/23/2006 c6 Sireniris
*Smashes pop-up 'Submit Review' box with a bat of HATRED until it relents and opens*


Now then, I've decided to do a review for both chapter 6 and THEN chapter 7, seeing at it's your 'annithday', or 'birthiversary'. Whichever your more comfortable with. :)

First of all -

'“Oh, sorry your majesty. I forgot princess likes to sleep 'til nine at night on Mondays. Where are my fucking manners?” he replied, angrily. I could almost feel the spittle through the phone.'


Also - 'shitbirds'. Seriously, i'm still laughing at that.

Do I really need to spend time typing the same things i've said over and over?

I LOVE your writing. It's SO fucking involving that it takes a couple of read throughs to realize that any details you leave out are completely insignifigant in how you tell the story. No matter how important they should be.

You have the ability to create a reading environment so inclosing on the facts you push the plot forward with that you, in fact, don't need to explain the situation any more than you choose to.

Whichever details you pick out and ecentuate are somehow, suddenly the most important:

'I climbed into the Stinger, my other car still tucked away at the casino. Portland docks was quite a drive away, the smell of fresh rain was sickening. I drove slowly, kept to the speed limit, more for my safety than anyone else's. It took me about twenty-five minutes, and when I pulled into the large open docks, I could see Ray was already there, down near the crane.'

You see, that should feel rushed or hurried. But it just doesn't. Which route does he take? What does he see?

We know that it took about 25 minutes. That's it. That's all we know.

You don't explain that it's raining. In fact, we didn't know what the weather had been like at all.

Then in just 7 words, you say the only thing we actually need to hear.

'The smell of fresh rain was sickening.'

A lesser writer than yourself would spent 2 or 3 paragraphs explaining the surroundings. It's such a common crutch in writing. One you've avoided evey single time. It keeps everything from feeling stale or seconed hand, keeps it lively and fast paced without rushing. That's difficult to achive and yet you make it look easy. THAT'S impressive.

You miss the details and we don't even notice.

Im sorry if all of this doesn't make complete sense, but i'm trying to do justice to your writing. I'm in no doubt that a lesser writer than yourself could not make a story so readable, involving and ENJOYABLE in the style you write. 1st P.O.V is difficult. Really difficult.

You could get published with this kind of work.

All spelling mistakes are my own. I haven't proof read this, so please excuse them.
11/27/2005 c5 xXx Tinkies xXx
This is really an AWESOME story so far! I REALLY like it! The length of each chapter is good and it's written/typed very well, too! Also, the descriptions are great as well! I can't WAIT to read what happens next, so keep up the EXCELLENT AWESOMENESS & PLEASE CONTINUE A.S.A.P.! ^_^ (Before reading your story, I just started a GTA fic of my own and ironically, one of the main characters in my story is named "Amy" as well!)
11/21/2005 c5 Sireniris
Hey. Sorry for not reading this story sooner, I regret it now, seeing as it's truly very strong. Gripping, well paced and realistic, as far as the world of GTA is concerned.

Also, love the names. I've got a thing about names in a fic. Ray Machowski *laughs*. I don't think you could find a more maverick-style dirty cop name, in the entire state of New York.

Asuka and Ryu *Laughs harder, in a good way*.

Been playing alot of playstation lately? Or watching Van Damme movies maybe...waffle waffle waffle...soz.

"Welcome to Callahan View hotel how can I be of service to you?"

"I want a room."

"No shit. Anything in particular?"

"Can I get one with a nice view?"

Sir, we're in Portland. You'll get a room overlooking the whore houses and crack dens like the other customers and like it. Enjoy your stay."

Need I say more.


Probably. But I wont spoil the magic.


You know how great I think you are at writing original 'Mafia' pieces of fiction, so I won't start gushing. But I WILL say that this is great, I got involved quickly with the characters and now I've got to keep up with the story.

God damn you. You ALWAYS do this! You can't just write something mediocre and boring that I don't have to obsess about! CAN YOU! YOU HAVE TO WRITE A HIGH CALIBRE, IMPRESSIVE PIECE OF LITRATURE FOR BRILLIANCE-STARVED FICTION FANS!

Im going now, but Im sure we'll meet again one day. Probably on your next fic update. Or on Livejournal.

TTFN. I won't elaborate.

*Sings to herself* "Deep in the Hundred Acre wood..."
11/13/2005 c4 6Sid Hawk
Ok...dude...this is great. This is absolutely brilliantly made and extremely well detailed. I dont think I've ever seen a better GTA fic in my life. RTAGW Ch. 4 is up, btw. Lettin you know. Neway, great story, keep it up, i really like it.

10/4/2005 c3 2Howel de Wolfe
This was great, i love this story. Dude you are my favorite author and inspire me for my stories. Keep up the good work. I love this line.

“Do you have a car?”

“Yeah, I have a car.”

“Would you like another car?”

“I. . .uh. . .”

“I will get you a car.”

“You don't have to-”

“I want to. It is the least I can do.”

“Th. . .thank you.”
9/6/2005 c4 Phoenix Master
Getting better. Keep up the good work.
9/5/2005 c4 Adopted Thug
Damn, this is getting good...and um...shouldn't it be M now or something? Good action scenes, can't wait to see what's next.
8/31/2005 c3 6ryando
Good chapter, my favourite and your best one yet. Can't wait for chapter 4.
8/30/2005 c3 11CubbiesFan1
This story is pretty good. I like the first person point of view and how you have it in the same timeline as the game. I haven't played GTA I is a long time, but its all coming back to me now with your story. Hope to see some more chapters soon!
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