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for Koenma and a Kitchen Don't Mix

4/10/2011 c1 34NightJasmine10
This is so funny. Poor Koenma. Maybe he should get a new hobby. lol

You should make a sequel to this.
11/13/2008 c1 loretta537
this is great! i wonder if koenma will realize that ogres and humans apparently doent eat the same stuff.
7/2/2006 c1 astricjaster
!i would resent that comment(i love to cook),but it was just too damn funny!but please dont bash cooking like that again. (if not for anyone else, for me...)
12/15/2005 c1 sleep all night rock all day
lol.. one thing koenma can't cook XD it was well written. Darn i have an idea for a yu yu hakusho fic and i thought of using my story on fictionpress. I thought i tell you since your the only reviewer...
8/2/2005 c1 12firewu
you wrote a wonderful fic! i loved it! i would have eaten his cooking just to be nice. i would i threw up but ill do anything for koenma!
8/1/2005 c1 3Hirina
lol, you could put a second chapter and mention that the food tasted good. They could come home and eat the leftover food in the fridge and find out it was Koenma's food from last night and it actually tasted good, lmao. eh, do whatever you want, but it was a good one-shot


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