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12/9/2016 c16 Moon Stone Tiger Lily
aw, good story. cute ending!
12/8/2016 c13 Moon Stone Tiger Lily
... Like Kagome really has the right to be mad. I mean Koga kissed her and Inuyasha may not have been there. but it was still a kiss...
12/8/2016 c10 Moon Stone Tiger Lily
Uh, I'm confused. i thought rin was on the archery team? or is that a different rin?
12/8/2016 c3 Moon Stone Tiger Lily
how did she know what street he lived on o.O
1/29/2014 c16 Guest
It's not enough CONTINUE!
11/10/2013 c17 Roxy Knowles
HELL NO! That Inuyasha fanfiction sounds weird
4/10/2012 c8 carciinoGenetiicii2t
I think you got Sesshomaru dead-on xD Sesshy can be really hard to write about because you can never tell what he is thinking, so good job :3!
12/21/2011 c16 jleeover26yahoo.com
I'd continue, but it's up to you since it's your story.
8/11/2011 c1 Shayna
Wow absolutely loved it one of my favorites by far my mom kept looking at me Luke I was crazy cause I kept loling litteraly :) thanks for the good read! It's so hard to find good ones these days lol :D
1/5/2010 c10 Duchess Rose
what the hell?

rin was on the archary team


im so confused
12/18/2009 c17 1DeathDeliveringAngel
this is so freakin awesome!
6/16/2009 c17 12Leremia C. Awan
nicly done. you deffently have charm in your writing.smooches.

5/5/2009 c10 3Cranium1194
I thought Rin was one of the girls in archery club...anyway AWESOME story! =0D
3/18/2009 c17 hinaxnaru
such a cute story lol i was so pissed about what naraku did to her
10/27/2008 c17 4Amy230173
what is the name of the new story your writing? it seems interesting.
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