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4/27/2007 c1 kaminiis soooooinluvwithmax
i love da killers,no doubt and astrology too.I like ur intro but its like there's not much chemistry 'tween da 2 main characters
10/17/2005 c18 dawnfaer
Thank you so much for this wonderful story! Are you going to write vignettes? Hope you also post other Roswell stories because I LOVE them.

Thank you again.
10/16/2005 c17 6Jambeth
I am sorry to hear this story is almost over. It was a wondeful story. I can not wait to read more of your stories!
10/11/2005 c16 Jambeth
Tess has Jack...thats so not good. hope you update soon.
10/9/2005 c14 Jambeth
come on please update soon. You can not leave me hanging no fair.
9/30/2005 c15 2poetwriter
SO SWET! YAY! theyre finally together

awesome. ok.. now naima and josh have to marry haha. ok.nothing else to say. continue son!

lotsa love aAdo
9/27/2005 c15 6Jambeth
You could make Tess ruin their wedding.
9/26/2005 c14 2poetwriter
AH! finally. theyre to gather AND SHE HAS TO SAY YES! has to. and u cant do it anyother way cos ur a sucker for romance

hahahaha. JACK IS SO CUTE! make him call her mommy. that would shock em like hell hahaha. man. at least this aint so bad a cliff hanger. ok. i gotta finish up work. CONTINUE!

love aAdo
9/24/2005 c1 6Jambeth
I am loving this story. One of my faves. I am a devoted Dreamer and CandyGirl
9/22/2005 c13 julian's angel 2010
great! update !
9/20/2005 c13 2poetwriter
AH! FINALLY! YAY! theyre together again! only one prob with the feeding. babies just born should not be given formula cos they miss out the antibodies from their momies milk

. YAY! theyre together again. im sure the family will be ok as long as she stays. now they can get married! yhaya! okok.i hafta go sleep soon continue. now u can write full time cos prelims are over!

love aAdo
9/18/2005 c12 poetwriter
AH! YOU DID IT AGAIN!my gosh. ah... roar.humph.okk. that was one good chap. but im afraid the other chap was my fav. the one wif naima and josh i like nairia. she is so cute

haha. okok. CONTINUE. ur biggest fan is about to die of suspense. it is possible un oe.very scary. ive tried to minimize speeling mistakes but im afraid im still justa as abd/. bad whoops ahhaha. okok. go study amaths and the n contim=nue i hafta go to church. SEE YA! love aAdo
9/18/2005 c11 poetwriter
ok. finally i can get on. been studying a math n i totally 4got yesterday. sory *wry grin* ok. good going! very nice build up. only one prob

babies can only fly after theyre 6 months or so old. ohoh.hahah.i see ur cliff haning wasnt so great so u had to end wif the bold thingy ahahahahaha.at least there's another chap yay! okok. i shall read next chap!

love love aAdo
9/15/2005 c10 poetwriter
Oh migosh i think this is the best chap so far altho i noe im gonna say this again for the next chap ahah:) how sweet nima is like the bestest girlfriend for any girl she is so sweet and fun and josh is like perfect for her and they are so good with each other. so swet. i like their pairing the best. im afraid maria comes across a bit harsh-ish to me. i dunno y. i think cos u told me bout naima first.hahaha. josh is really smart. but he KNOWS. ohoh. whatcha gonna do man? ahh well. continue. pls do.u have to. stop hanging me by my toes. im dying here! ah! anyhow. do A MATH. then finish the next chap! yay! see ya on mon or on sat if we're going to novena!:)

lotsa love aAdo
9/15/2005 c9 poetwriter
Heya nikki! ok i noe u said to review when ive read both chapters but i thought maybe that it would be good to give first impressions on the spot. SHE FAINTED! omigosh stupid max. and shes in such a vulnerable position. REALLY stupid max. humph. I KNEW IT! she ends up with JOSH! YAY! haha i was rite. hahaha and u didnt want to tell me. ahha. u may be good wif peeps nikki but i can READ u if not anyone else.hahahaha i was rite! keep it up! ok.. next chap..

lotsa love. aAdo
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