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5/30/2006 c6 kitsune-koinu
12/29/2005 c6 3sugarsweet pie
lol. i loved it. sweet! everyone in the gang is sort of juvenile, lol.
12/29/2005 c6 39littlefiction
That was funny, and cute! That's a good point though, with a life like his, a little thing like how many years have I been living like this doesn't seem so important, probably he wouldn't bother to keep track, especially since after his mother died it's not like anyone would celebrate.
12/25/2005 c5 3sugarsweet pie
swe.e.e.e.e.ee.t! so...cute and fluffy and true! i love it! a.w.w.w. 'if'...wow. so true! ^_^
12/25/2005 c4 sugarsweet pie
wow. (teary eyed) so...caring of them...knew they had it in them all along...
12/25/2005 c3 sugarsweet pie
lol! i love this fanfic! lol!
12/25/2005 c2 sugarsweet pie
lol! i loved it! so cute! hazaa!
12/25/2005 c1 sugarsweet pie
wow! this was reallygood! i loved it! u kept the characters in order really great. ^_^
12/23/2005 c4 Meggiebeth
I love you. Hope you don't mind my saying so. =) What inspired this declaration of affection? Why, this line here: "It's not the same at all. The soul is just the life-force, it's not...There will never be another Kagome or Rin alive..." I've never seen anyone else sum up the whole "reincarnation issue" so succinctly or accurately. Seriously, I think you might be the only one who gets it. And for that, I love you! Oh, and that, y'know, these are really awesome drabbles, because they paint a scene or emotion so quickly and easily.
11/22/2005 c5 39littlefiction
aw... that's sweet
11/22/2005 c4 littlefiction
ouch. how sad. But yes, I guess inevitable. Even with Tensaiga (sp?) he couldn't keep Rin alive as long as he lives, her body wouldn't last that long. Lucky Inuyasha, he can at least go find her while she's young
11/22/2005 c3 littlefiction
Oh, I like this one, I never quite made that connection.
11/22/2005 c2 littlefiction
hehehehehe! too cute! I love it!
11/22/2005 c1 littlefiction
That was cute! I love picturing Sesshoumaru chuckle. (sigh) he smiles more in the manga than on the show. it's not exactly a healthy smile, it's usually a smirk, or a sneer or sadistic or just plain creepy, but it does happen. hehehe, anyway, this was great!
9/14/2005 c4 15Lightning Streak
OOh! These are very good! I must say, the picture you've painted has become quite a masterpiece. I do hope you update with more! :)
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