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6/30/2007 c30 5Efia-an
Wow! I leave for a few months and suddenly I have several updates to this story to come back to! YAY! :D I read with much anticipation for what's to come. Can't wait. (And you're assured that you'll have at least this reader through the end, even if you post your last chapter the day Deathly comes out!)
6/25/2007 c30 1Hermione Granger63
Oh My God.

They make me so happy.
6/25/2007 c30 Wolf's scream
So Harry's admitted his relationship to Ginny - in public, no less. :-)

Hope the gang has a decent cover story for why such a group would be visiting the area.

As for folks knowing about the Horcruxes, I thought that it was a risk because if Tom ever found out that someone suspected him of having created a Horcrux, Tom would likely first try to use Legilimancy to determine what evidence suggested that, then kill the person - probably slowly.

Good chapter, though.
6/25/2007 c30 2Hilary Potter
so now it's the super six? awesome...
6/24/2007 c30 goblinishelves
Ah! This chapter was high-larious. Luna has a crumple-horned Snorkack coat! And I loved your description of Harry and Ron when Luna and Neville trooped in.

And Ginny!
6/24/2007 c30 2alix33
" “I read,” said Luna bluntly. “Doesn’t everyone?” Harry mentally noted that she was sounding more like Hermione" - yes, and she sounds like hre even more when she says: "Honestly…”"
6/17/2007 c29 2Hilary Potter
nice and fluffy to break the tension
6/17/2007 c28 Hilary Potter
so what? 2 more left plus voldemort? cup and the snake?

good chapter!
6/17/2007 c29 Wolf's scream
Good stuff. Not sure why Bill would have been so flustered; it's not as if pregnancy & childbirth were particularly foreign to his mother (for example). :-} The twins were pretty much as expected (placing bets & all - or at least claiming to have done). (Oh: small typo, there: as I found out when I looked it up as a result of some proofreading I was doing for someone, a "basinet" is a type of helmet. I think that "bassinet" is what you meant, there. :-})

Tonks is cool. :-)

Sorry you're having trouble with motivation;I still like the story.
6/13/2007 c29 1Nicnak
I loved the closing paragraph!

6/12/2007 c29 1Hermione Granger63
Aw, I love Ron, he's such a cute boyfriend.
6/11/2007 c29 2alix33
"I'm not sure anyone will read it, but...that's how it'll go down." - I will, I will, I will! (imagine a 5'6", 120-odd pounds brunette with dark brown eyes and dark brown just-past shoulder length hair ('cause that's what I look like) having her hand up like Hermione always has in class, when you read what I have just written outside of these brackets, OK?)

"fruitcake Hermione had cooked" - Hermione can bake, too? And to think I already have SUCH an inferiority complex when I compare myself to that girl...

"News of Remus and Tonks’ elopement" - how romantic! It suits them!

"what with Dolores Umbridge’s death a few weeks ago" - woohoo! (imagine the same brunette of earlier stomping wildly on her desk at work in a 'Riverdance' or 'Lord of the dance' manner as you read that).

"“She was murdered, by a group of wild centaurs in a forest, in Ireland," - how apt, that wild centaurs offed her!
6/11/2007 c29 16Laseri
Have I really not reviewed before? Goodness, what's gotten into me. This is wonderful, it really is-taking Book 7 into your own hands while sticking to canon. I love all your plot developments, this is the kind of thing I'll be looking out for this July.

By the way, if Tonks married Remus, is she going to call herself Lupin now? :P
6/10/2007 c29 7fahzzyquill
poor harry. really good chapter!
6/3/2007 c28 1Hermione Granger63
I love this story!
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