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for Forgotten Past

6/23/2006 c26 Tenshi-of-the-moon
Please! please... update! I love your story! your way of putting a story together... Please update...

luv tenshi-of-the-moon^-^
6/22/2006 c26 FF Please Delete Account
wow...2 thumbs up!
6/11/2006 c1 4littledrawnflowers
Hey! please continue working on this fic please, im always so happy when you add it

6/9/2006 c26 2Kunoichibrat
hey waht happen its me DOggyLuv756 its been 3 months n still no update please i wanna another chapter
6/9/2006 c26 3WithGraceWeFall
Me: :sniff: that was s-so :sniff: sad!...is sakura and Seiji dead?

Kohaku: :bawling: WAHH! NO, THAT WAS SAD! i thought this woulda been a Saku/Yuki story..they were a cute couple...poopie..

Me: not here please...-.-

Kohaku: not the time for jokes, i forgot how many times i cried in the past day of reading this...it was super sad and i couldn't stop crying...no fair, just update..
6/6/2006 c26 9Panda Hallows
awesome story...normally I don't get into stories with OCs or have the pairing SasuSaku but I've been looking for change lol

so I stumbled...really I did...into your story ^_^ great job ^_^
6/1/2006 c26 pa

great story...looking forward for the next chapter!
5/18/2006 c26 Playdough
Hey!I love that story, I cant wait to read the next chapter it's really interesting!Anyway, keep up the great work!Ja ne!
5/11/2006 c26 6Jalyss
you have to continue! sakura can not die! please update soon. this is going on my favourites list
5/1/2006 c26 lalalalki
this better not be over i love the story
4/24/2006 c26 G.G
Please update soon I'm dying here can't you see! But if you are busying I'll understand but try To update soon it's getting so good the story please!
4/16/2006 c1 animerocks101
Please review! I want to know wjat happens next! Please!
4/15/2006 c26 phdsang
this chap.was...GREAT!i loved it...but did u HAVE to make Sakura-chan die?i really like saukra-chan.u no...i don't do reviews that often...i only do them wen i read an EXTREMLY good fanfic, or wen i want to coment on a very origenall(sp?) and/or funny part of the fanfic(or all of the fan fic)... so be ...

o and u just made my Favorite Authors list...HURRAY!u go!um...is ur fan fic over?
4/11/2006 c1 Animerocks101
Sakura better not die. If she does die then you are going to have to die. Just kidding! I hope she just doesn't die. Who kills her? Is it Seji? Please update! If you don't update soon I'm going to hunt you down until you do update. Just kidding again! But please up date son!
4/7/2006 c26 signe
OMFG! NO SAKURA can't be die... "hulk"

update asap plz... :,(
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