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for Forgotten Past

11/9/2006 c17 3zandehr
hey.. a cliffie! haha.. oh well.. im too anxious.. i wanna read the next.. so.. gotta head on! ja!

~pilar ann
11/9/2006 c16 zandehr
hey.. those mean girls.. hey.. mean girls? sounds familiar.. neh? is it a movie or something? oh.. well.. whatever... nice fic you've got here.. and yeah.. the new summarry suits the plot more than the previous one..

~pilar ann
11/9/2006 c15 zandehr
oh my.. this is really a sad part.. well.. but i still love it though, and i love the way you make sasuke and naruto confused.. haha..

~pilar ann
11/9/2006 c14 zandehr
oh my.. im shivering.. and well.. i guess its both because of the aircon and you fic.. two heads.. wah! i could shout.. welcome to hell..

~pilar ann
11/9/2006 c13 zandehr
Asuka.. that bad woman.. haha.. hey! no offense! she's adding to the mystery.. if only i wasn't able to read the latest chapters then i would have had my brows crunched up in a confused manner.. haha.. ne?

~pilar ann
11/9/2006 c12 zandehr
naruto.. stio cursing! haha.. sasuke would stay alright!

wee! gotta read the next chapter again.. hmm.. ne? this is a great fic.. as i've said for the nth time..

~pilar ann
11/9/2006 c11 zandehr
oh my god.. very well written! and indeed a cliff master you are! thats at all great coz you can make the readers anxious at waiting for the next chapter to come up.. ne? well.. i still have a long way to go.. so i better head on to your next chapter.. ryt? ja!

~pilar ann
11/9/2006 c10 zandehr
way to go sakura-chan! you can do it! go go go! haha.. well..well.. well.. im getting too perked up ive gotta head on.. ne?

~pilar ann
11/9/2006 c9 zandehr
it sounds.. really good and action packed.. gee.. your actually great in writing battle scenes complete with effects and all.. my.. its amazing..!

~pilar ann
11/9/2006 c8 zandehr
wow.. totally edited! this is actually great.. and im glad i actually read it back to the top.. its more detailed than before.. and more interesting.. gee.. gotta head on..

~pilar ann
11/9/2006 c7 zandehr
oh.. dont worry too much about the mistake.. no one is perfect.. isn't it? well.. anyway.. sasuke.. haha.. he really is handsome.. alright.. haha.. oh well.. i gotta get to the next chapter then.. ja! oh.. you write really good..

~pilar ann
11/9/2006 c6 zandehr
sure.. a review.. i always love to give reviews to fics i love to read! geez.. coming back to the first chapter wasn't a bad idea after all.. i see you've edited most of it.. gee.. its more mysterious now.. ne? gotta get going.. to the next chapter that is..
11/9/2006 c5 zandehr
oh.. i see a lot has been edited.. ne? but.. its still as great as before.. no.. rephrase that.. its better! its.. actually nicer.. gee.. love it more!

~pilar ann
11/9/2006 c4 zandehr
yey! the promise! the promise! we! gotta get to the next chapter now.. ne?

~pilar ann
11/9/2006 c3 zandehr
haha.. here comes the part when shin actually transforms back to his true form.. neh? wahaha.. nice fic! love it..

~pilar ann
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