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1/12/2010 c5 10freaknweird651
I'd have to say seven keys because seven is the 'heavenly number'. :P
12/23/2008 c12 2spiralgal
Ooh. Interesting. I'm really wondering what will happen will 'Aiko-sama', and what his price for divulging the location of the key will be. And I WOULD be really interested in finding out the answer, but... YOU HAVEN'T UPDATED FOR TWO YEARS! Bad, bad, bad. At least put out a note that you aren't continuing it or something!

Do something with this soon. Ja.
8/17/2006 c12 DracoVeelaRabidFangirl
I love reading this story! please write more soon ! I've just been sitting here reading it ! :D GL with your plot bunnies !
8/15/2006 c12 ALKHDLKH
YAYNESS! I love this story and I hope you update soon.
8/8/2006 c12 5chiisai hito
Please keep on writing. I love this story. e.e

And that's cool you have the laguage pack. I had to search everywhere for it... Darn Japanese reports...
8/5/2006 c12 7Koway Oceshia
cool I sees japanese...haha! neato now I wanna
8/2/2006 c12 19Mizuki hikari
continue ^.^
7/31/2006 c12 3T.O.C.A
gah! Update again soon! awsome chapy!
7/31/2006 c12 1daisukiangel42
it's ok, don't worry about it ^_^
7/13/2006 c11 DevilintheAngel
Finally! I read this chapter! Yay!

well update soon! I wanna read the next chappy! ^^
6/24/2006 c11 7Koway Oceshia
OO uh-oh...another challenge and..the couch of DOOM is back! lol. srry it's late but my comp was down and ya...I wanna know what happened! and, now that school's out...dna will be updated soon! leon gets out tuesday though. anyway, can't wait to see what happens!
6/24/2006 c11 silverbrumby123
love the story, keep it up


6/4/2006 c11 11KupoWrath

Ok. *jumps on* You MUST update soon or I will cry... Seriously... Just look at the tear on my cheek! ...

... Ok... so it's a drop of water... oh freakin well...

6/4/2006 c11 1daisukiangel42
yay! you updated! i'm so happy! i love this story!
6/4/2006 c11 3T.O.C.A
o interesting...update again soon! ^_^
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