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8/28 c2 PrismaticOrb
Aaaah the humor is killing me XD "blink once for yes" and the "They were handstitched in Italy." Quips were my favourite.
6/30 c19 Rokizol
Wow! I love your story so much! Omg, I honestly couldn’t stop laughing in some chapters. The humor in the story was just phenomena, and everything else as well. Thank you!
1/6 c19 mariselortiz
I love the story, again I love kouga beennfunny, that lighten the drama. I hope you write more for us. You have a very unique style. I am sure you will be successful on your book. AND PLEASE CONTINUE WRITTING FOR US,,,,,,:):):)
9/6/2018 c19 2Nicoleena
I've been reading this story since it was published and I still love it! It made me laugh a bunch. I think the plot was well thought out and the characters were perfectly portrayed. I wanted to say thank you again for writing this story. It definitely gave me a lot of joy!
8/2/2018 c19 8Tsuveras
Well, I just wanted to leave a quick review. I read this story a while ago and I've reread it several times. I never reviewed then, I was on my phone and it was kind of annoying, however, this story is one of my favorites! I always planned to come back and review, because this story deserves it so badly. Every time someone asks me what fanfic they should read(which, honestly, doesn't really happen often, but when it does!) I reccomend two stories, this one, 'Misery Loves Company' and also 'Tales from the House of the Moon'. These two are my all time favorites, what pushes me to write, what inspires me. This story, I could not put it down. I remember many a times being up at three a.m. and telling my then boyfriend, now husband, just one more chapter, one would turn into five. Then I would stop reading for a week so I could simply sit on everything I read, so I could obsess with it. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful piece of work. I plan to eventually read your other stories, I know I can't say I'm your number one fan, but I promise, I'm up there. You talk about being in the process of finishing your novel, I hope you did get it out there eventually, I hope you got published, because you deserve it! I'm a bit poor right now, but if only I knew the title, I would find it and read it if its out there. I love your writing and I hope your original stuff is going as planned, I hope you still write. Well, I suppose I really just wanted to shower you in compliments, you deserve it, with this beautiful story. That shower scene man, its just so good. This is by far a classic to me, I hope your life is wonderful, I know I'm late, really late to the game, but I love you, in a reader to writer way. Thank you again, thank you so so much. I've read many a sess/kag story, this is one of the few that really stand out to me, call to my soul. I reread it every three months or so, I can't wait to read it again. I've said it way too many times at this point, but thank you yet again.
7/30/2018 c19 kmplease
Everything is the same but different. Sesshomaru and Kagome both learned valuable lessons as did their siblings. One thing Kagome and Sesshomaru did know for sure, without a doubt, is that they could never be apart again.
7/30/2018 c17 kmplease
"Haha, I knew you couldn't wait to go!" Inuyasha jumped out. "Sorry..ok, I'm going…I just wanted to see how long it would take you to go." Inuyasha left and Sesshomaru just scowled as he followed out the door as well to his car.
7/30/2018 c16 kmplease
Oops.." Rin tittered as she looked between Inu Taisho and Kohaku.
7/30/2018 c15 kmplease
If Kagome were a demon, she'd have known that he was Kikyo. He was in no position to be accusing her of anything, he knew this but his emotions were causing him to act different. In truth, he was jealous beyond belief that Kagome went to see Inuyasha. The fact that he touched her. He had actually felt that he'd be the last guy Kagome would be touched by. Whether anything happened between Kagome and Inuyasha or not, the image will always be in his mind, etched so far in there, playing at him. What did this mean now, that he could never be with Kagome now?
7/30/2018 c14 kmplease
" Dude, I'm so hungry, can we get Mc'griddles or somethin'?" Koga rubbed his stomach as he followed them out of the apartment.
7/30/2018 c13 kmplease
"Fine..." she said and hung up the phone and went to meet her dreadful ex to see what he wanted.
7/30/2018 c12 kmplease
"Good night.." she said in a soft voice as she wrapped her arms from behind him and kissed his back. He felt her fall asleep quickly and stared off in a daze. He couldn't go to sleep. Too much was on his mind right now, the feelings he felt and the thoughts that popped into his mind. He felt this overwhelming anger at himself for breaking down. He felt like everything he believed in, or trained himself to be, is diminishing. He realized he was fighting so hard to keep his guard up. The guard to keep him from loving her.
7/30/2018 c11 kmplease
Sesshomaru was left alone in the room in deep thought of what she just said. He knew, she wasn't talking about the pictures being a problem.
7/30/2018 c10 kmplease
"Alright.." he said in a low tone as he watched her enter her room and frowned. He could tell she wanted to ask him something by the way she kept leering at him in squints. He ignored it and went into his room to workout. Eventually, he knew, they had to speak about what was going on with them two. Although they said they would forget about it, he knew that there still was no closure in the matter and part of him, wanted to keep it that way.
7/30/2018 c9 kmplease
Kohaku growled and punched him on the shoulder.
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