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6/4/2012 c5 SashaLuveU
3/15/2011 c8 Person who loves this parody
I bet ten hundred billion bucks that Rogue wins. Hee hee. I'm gonna be scoopin' it in now!
3/15/2011 c7 Person who loves this parody
I bet you a billion bucks that Jean was originally a blonde and was insulted by the whole `dumb blonde' concept. How did that start out anyway? I've met quite a few blondes that are very smart! But, anyways...Hee hee! I love this! Poor Rogue and Gambit...
3/14/2011 c6 Person who loves this parody
CF, you're threats are VERY imaginitave. Keep up the good work. You make me VERY proud. And, why did you have to make Kurt one of the bad guys? Why not Toad? Or Blob...Or better yet, Julian! Yes! Julian! I hate him severely. Though, then Remy wouldn't get to beat him up, Logan would. Okay, Okay, use...use Professor X's son, David! While his meaner multiple personality, Lucas, is in charge of his body. If you didn't know anything about this David or Lucas, watch X-men Evolution: Sins of the Son. (I think that's what the name was.) .
3/14/2011 c5 Person who loves this parody
I love it, but, Rogue didn't have green eyes in Evolution. She had gray. So, now I'm trying in vain to decide which eye-color is prettier since I like them both. And you should do Anastasia. The part fits so well with Romy. First, you would have to watch the movie if you haven't already, then, you'd have to find the script. Good luck with that. I searched all over for the script on-line, but I only found one that did NOT belong to the animated version. So, if possible, could you do that parody? Thanks
3/14/2011 c4 Person who loves this parody
Funny. What are Lightning's and Raven's powers? And I own this movie! It's so COOL! It's funny, though romantic...Awww...And action-adventure-ish. Though, the thought of Pyro in tights...(shivers)...It's not that I don't like Pyro or anything...I'm love Jonda!...It's just...Tights look ridiculus on men. Anybody agree? Right now, I am, like, totally in LOVE with ROMY. Who isn't? Some crazy people think that Rogue goes with Quicksilver or...(shivers at the thought)...Or...Even...Er, this thought is gross!...That she goes with..Magneto! EW! Gross! Agh. Ugh. I'm going to go wash my mouth out with soap. DISGUSTING! ROMY FOREVER!
3/14/2011 c2 e
Very funny. I love it. Poor Rogue. in a dress. Again.
10/19/2009 c10 25Hazel Eyes401
You did a great job with this parody. It exceeded expectations. I love seeing Remy and Rogue together, they are my new favorite couple. I can't wait for the next parody. Keep up the good work.
10/19/2009 c8 Hazel Eyes401
This is doing really good. You are doing a great job. I love the fact that Logan still resents Gambit, but poor Gambit. I'm split of my favorite male characters on X-Men between Logan and Gambit. Oh well...Awesome job.
10/14/2009 c3 Hazel Eyes401
Is there a story that includes Raven and Lightning? They are interesting characters.
10/14/2009 c2 Hazel Eyes401
Great story and I have to say that Princess Bride is one of my FAVORITE movies so you have a lot to live up to for it to be as good as the movie. But so far, I LOVE the cast and crew. I can't wait to read more.
7/24/2009 c1 1midnightblackangel
brilliant story as well as the others hilarious try doing the little mermaid1,2 and 3 they would be really good and as usual remywould be Prince Eric and rogue would be Ariel.
4/23/2009 c1 26CrossoverAUman
I look forward to reading this one.
5/25/2008 c10 queenofspades
AW! It's over. :( Loved it though. Fabulous ending to a fabulous parody. As usual keep up the good work i'll be sure to read some of your other fics! Once again good luck with the squirrel world domination!
5/25/2008 c9 queenofspades
Hee hee hee love the speech inpediment dude. Wonderful chapter keep up the good work! Reveiw would be longer but once again i'm supposed to be asleep.
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