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8/9/2005 c4 bluexfieryxangel
hi! i really like your story plz tell me or email me to and send me a pic of that thing when a chapter is up
8/9/2005 c4 9Iarrod

I'm really enjoying your story...do update soon.

Personally, I'd vote Krad with the knight costume (not the rusty tin suit though -_-') but the story is yours and its your pick!
8/8/2005 c2 chibi-san
cute ficie ^^ plz update soon ^_^
8/8/2005 c3 104Symphonickey
well, well, well, another chapter down the hatch! ^_^ i think you update stories more than i do! lol. This is going pretty well Nat, and if you need my help, just ask. XD and i'm thinking of doing yet ANOTHER new story!

Tyson: V_V in other words she's gotten bored with her stories

Daisuke: o.o that isn't nice Kinomiya-san

Tyson: O.o ... ^_^ you're really cute! You remind me of myself when i was young!

Daisuke: *nlushes*

Kai: O.o *twitches and glares at Daisuke*

Daisuke: o.o

Tyson: *smacks Kai in the head* Stop! *turns back to Nat* hehe, anyways, you better review Nat, or i'll hunt you down so badly-.

Tke: ^_^;; uh... just update Nat...
8/8/2005 c2 Elegant Tragedy
i think that the cinderella story line is classic and very well written and plz plz plz update soon
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