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6/18/2016 c4 MoonRiver
I know this story is super old, but I came across it and I just wanna say that is the best description of Remus turning into a wolf that I've read in fanfic! The imagery, the intense fear and the powerfulness of the scene was incredible!
5/19/2015 c66 21MissMoony97
I was rear interested in the story at first, but the Christmas with Sirius and Remus just dragged on so much. It started to get very boring and I found myself skipping chapters to try and see if it would move on with the plot. Sadly I skipped to the last chapter and saw you are only in the boys second year, which is disappointing as 66 chapters is a lot and I wish the story would of moved forward more.
4/4/2014 c66 1Samishere21
Love this! Is it discontinued?
7/6/2013 c66 3Aralas Baggins
OMG this story is amazing! I love it!
Have you ever heard the saying "Harry Potter is the gateway drug to a love of literature." Well, this is the gateway drug to the gateway drug fanfiction! Please update, me and over 250 people agree, this story is fantastic!
8/19/2009 c66 TopazSpiritXx
You have'nt updated in ages please update this story is so interesting! I want to see sirius and remus together :(
6/8/2009 c32 2aisuru Aki
some commas are missing but other than that I LUV IT!
5/22/2009 c66 1ObSeSsEd WiTh ROXAS


4/2/2009 c66 2Hx2
You've gotta be kidding me. ONLY 200 reviews! I've seen stories that aren't nearly as good as this one, and they've gotten thousands of reviews! Why do you only have 200?
1/5/2009 c66 Niryan

I just read the last few chapters again (for the fourth time :P ) and I realised you still have not updated!

So I'm asking you, if you still have some ideas of what to do with that fic, please continue it.

I loved that story so much it would really be sad if you'd stop it there without attaining any goal. Sirius and Remus didn't realise yet they are falling in love and Sirius still doesn't know how he'll become an animagus. I would find it very disapointing to see it end that way. So please, continue to write this fic (or at least tell us that you do not feel like writing it anymore so that we can stop hoping).

By the way, if you want my opinion on this fic, read Chip of Silver's review; I feel the exact same way. (My writing is so bad I wouldn't be able to write it as nicely as Chip Dx)
10/7/2008 c66 Rome J Wolf

i just read you whole

story it was great

when are you going to

write some more.

are you going to write

any more? i think it is

one of the best Remus and

Sirius stories. and the best

part it started for the 1 year

on. lots of happy days

9/24/2008 c66 1sierra's scarlet
I just read through what you have so far and really enjoy this story. I'm going to read your other works now, but wonder if you plan to update "Phases" as well. I absolutely love the use of DADA teachers and would love for the story to continue. ^_^
7/29/2008 c66 6Chip of Silver
Beautiful. I read this story on a chance, having seen so many like it but this one was brilliance. It made me giggle and coo and feel for both Remus and Sirius. Really, I would kill for more. If I strangle a baby might you continue? I could if it would help because I'm dieing for more. I read the entire story in one sitting which is unheard of for me. I stayed up way beyond reasonable hours and still became incredibly absorbed in both the story and the way it was written. I fell in love with not only your rendition of characters from one of the best series around but also with your original characters. I especially liked the way you focused Remus's Lycanthropy on Sirius without excluding James or Peter and found such reasonable ways to solves a few of those big questions. You addressed great points already. The title Marauders, you've stared with the map, of course you dealt with the Animagi problem wonderfully and then there was James calling the wolf a "Furry little problem.". Even more amassing is that while doing this you managed to keep Peter in the loop. He always seems to be excluded in other fanfiction even though he was one of the four and they shared a strong friendship. There is so much more I loved and would like to tell you and so much more that I'll remember I wanted to comment on later and curse. The only complaints are perhaps the downplay of Lilly and the lack of proper pranks. I always loved coming up with them myself. These of course are small issues and I can forgive them considering the quality of the rest of the story. Ending this seeing as it's already passed any semblance of normal length this has been from one aspiring author who's too lazy to update to a brilliant author who really should update your story was a work of art and I want more. Preferably soon. Also, please forgive any grammatical or spelling errors. It's late and dark.
7/1/2008 c66 dristi
hi, can't wait to read more...pls update soon!
4/21/2008 c8 6Spiffing Repartee
Okay, I stopped at this chapter because I could no longer swallow your atrocious grammar. What is with the bizarre phrasings? Everything is just slightly off which is extremely irritating because I kept telling myself "it will get better". It didn't I seriously suggest reading over your work or getting a BETA.

On the plus side the premise and characterisations are quite interesting but I just can't stand your grammar. If English is not your first language, which I am now starting to suspect, I apologise and hope you continue its study. However, if it is, you owe me an apology for the last wasted hour of my life, which I will never get back.
1/24/2008 c66 TimeAndRhythmDoesIndeedSleep
Are you still continueing (is that how it is spelled?)this story? I hope so.
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